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5 Work From Home Jobs For Students

5 Work From Home Jobs For Students

Just a few decades ago, there were not many work-at-home job opportunities. And before the dawning of the Internet, it was much harder to sort through the scams and the real opportunities.

Well, now with high-speed internet and a video connection, many jobs don’t require you to be there in person. Full-time and part-time jobs that require you to be in an office physically are phasing out and becoming less relevant. The number of employers offering work-from-home options has grown by 40% in the past 5 years.

Below you’re going to know about the 5 best work-from-home job roles for students.

1. Remote Sales Representative

There are two options here: either get hired by a company to sell for a set amount per hour, which is a steady guarantee of income, or get hired as a commission-only salesperson, which has the potential to make it big.

If you work based on commission, setting your hours can be great, but keep track of how much you end up earning to see if it’s really worth your time (making a hundred bucks is great, but not if it took twenty hours to make it).

To get started, try looking for startups that are working on expanding and converting customers. There are lots of companies that require part-time or full-time sales staff. You can also look at companies like Overpass which lets you skip the whole process of looking for jobs.

2. Virtual Assistant

As the number of businesses increases, the demand for virtual assistants also increases. With so many businesses operating mostly, or even completely, online, it’s no wonder that many hire virtual assistants to help keep them organized and complete administrative tasks.

Although virtual assistant jobs vary drastically, tasks can include composing and responding to emails, creating and distributing business-related documents, responding to media and business inquiries, writing and creating content, and more.

Check out virtual assistant jobs at sites such as Upwork and Zirtual.

The good thing is that international clients prefer to hire VAs from India because we are able to offer them very cheap prices when compared to a U.S.-based VA.

You need good communication skills for this job and you can also learn to use tools like Asana, Trello, Google Calendar, and Notion which should give you enough knowledge to start working!

3. Social Media Manager

Almost every big business has gotten on the social media bandwagon as a means to reach their customers directly, and without paying heavily for television, print, or radio ads.

But not every big business has someone to manage their social media accounts, which is why more individuals have begun marketing themselves as social media managers and helping businesses grow their online following and expand their reach.

The good thing is that you have been using social media for a long time. So, if you have a decent following on social media or decent experience to show then you can reach out to businesses to handle their social media.

Most companies don’t know what they’re doing with their social media, so if you can bring them results then they’d be more than happy to work with you.

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4. Web Development

Web development is a field that continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down. If you have the skills to build a website, you can start charging someone for it today.

The thing is, a lot of people think that you need to become an expert coder to do this. But that’s not really true!

You don’t need advanced skills — being able to build a basic WordPress site is enough for many projects. And if you do have more advanced web development abilities, then you can earn a very healthy side income.

You don’t need to be a computer science major, but you do need web development skills.

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5. Transcription Services

Transcriptionists are required to listen to audio recordings and write them down. The key here is to be extremely accurate, so you need to have great attention to detail.

There are tons of companies that provide transcription & captioning services for videos, and there’s a huge demand for these services. But what a lot of people don’t know is that you can also become a freelancer for these companies.

Someone has to do the transcriptions right? If you’re confident in your English skills & you can type fast then you should definitely look into this job.

Here are a couple of companies that provide such services:


Don’t let the lockdown stop you, a lot of businesses are still running and a lot of them are still looking to hire people. The longer you keep applying, the more chances you have of actually securing a job.

Before you finish college and actually dive into the corporate world, from the work from home experience, you’ll gain new skills which will be very helpful down the line, you’ll build a network that you can leverage in the future, get an extra addition to your portfolio/resume, earn some extra money on the side, learn soft skills that are important in the corporate world, and more. You might even get hired full-time after your college. (i.e. if you’re good at the job)