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Certification In Full Stack Development Was A Hat Trick After BE In Computer Science

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By- Sumit Narkhede, Board Infinity Alumni

1. Early Career Journey

My name is Sumit Narkhede. I am from Surat, Gujarat. My education was completed in Surat itself, and I have a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science from Shergarh Institute of Technology, Pune, which I completed in 2020.

My career has been a rollercoaster, as I was weak in Math. Graduating from an engineering program has thus been quite challenging. However, I was placed at Emphasis Technology as a System Engineer but had to reject the offer due to some family issues. I was experiencing a really tough time in my career, and I wasn't sure where to go next.

To bring my career on the right track and expose myself to better job opportunities, I decided to do a certification course that would also help me land a job. I joined Board Infinity Full Stack Development Course to pursue a certification. This was a well-thought-of career path for me since I had a degree in Computer Science. New technologies had made it necessary for me to take this course in order to stay current in my field.

Additionally, we were mostly restricted to the theoretical part in college, so Board Infinity's course in Full Stack Development was extremely beneficial in terms of helping me develop practical skills to become job-ready.

2. My Experience At Board Infinity

My learning experience at Board Infinity has been very fruitful. It's completely worth the fees. Coaches are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Within so many modules of Full Stack Development, I enjoyed learning AWS the most. Even during the COVID situation, the coaches were always available to answer my queries and helped me learn so much in such a short period of time. Aside from helping me acquire the necessary skills to become a full-stack developer, the coaches at Board Infinity also helped me build a LinkedIn presence and create a profile that could help me land jobs easily.

Moreover, Board Infinity is very learner-friendly since they offered me extra sessions for project development to help me understand how to successfully work on a real-life project. My skills in coding improved greatly as a result of the assessments.

3. How I Got The Internship Opportunity

I received an internship opportunity at Mild Technologies through Board Infinity as a MERN Stack Developer. During my course, I worked on several projects which led to my resume being shortlisted at this organization.

Asha Ma'am, my coach, helped me develop confidence in this field by helping me develop the necessary skills and knowledge. The length of this internship is six months, and my performance here will determine whether I am hired as a full-time employee. To help the organization grow, I plan to use all skills I learned at Board Infinity and get hired as a full-time employee.

This opportunity has taught me a great deal. Eventually, I want to become a competent programmer with an understanding of a variety of technologies used in app and web development. In time, I want to become more confident about my work and practice more.

I am very thankful to Board Infinity for setting my career on the right track!

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