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Getting Back After 2 Years of Maternity Leave: How I Revamped My Career In Full Stack Development

Blog | Board Infinity
Blog | Board Infinity

By - Mounika Sreerangapu, Board Infinity Alumni

An extended career break is absolutely normal. People often give up on their careers believing that a career break makes them distant from their field. It's true to a certain extent! However, to succeed, we must put some faith in our learning abilities and get back on track. Our progress is impossible without our self-confidence!

1. Early Career Journey

There are so many women who shy away from explaining their maternity gap on their resumes. I believe, rather than being hesitant, we should be proactive, since everyone can understand this. And the fact that now we finally want to return to the workforce is brave in itself! Pregnancy is natural and it's totally normal to talk about it while applying for jobs.

My name is Mounika. I am from Andhra Pradesh. I hold a B.Tech degree in Computer Science and was working as a Main Stack Developer in Virtuoso Technologies, before going on a 2 years maternity break.

Since I was out of touch with my field and the new technologies that had emerged during the break, I felt the need to obtain a certification in Full Stack Development before returning to work.

2. Experience with Board Infinity

Board Infinity caught my eye on Instagram.  There were 1:1 coaching sessions, placement training, and placement support guarantees offered by Board Infinity that impressed me.

Finally, after a week of researching about the platform and talking to the counsellor at Board infinity, I enrolled myself in the Full-Stack Development Course.

My experience with Board Infinity was pretty great! I found out that the teaching here was excellent. The coaches here deal with module to module in a very well-structured manner, which made it easy for me to brush up my skills in an orderly manner. The 1:1 sessions offered by Board Infinity are very helpful in helping the learners clear their concepts about different modules as your coaches individually solve your doubts. I found the coaches very responsive here and very helpful in developing a 360 degree understanding of the course.

Pursuing this course with a 1-year-old child wasn’t a cakewalk! But, thanks to the course timings! It was extremely convenient for me to do the classes on weekends and the timings were very favorable for me as my husband is home by then and all our chores are done. Also, thanks to my mother and my husband for being there for me.

3. Placement Process

My placement program was yet to start when I got placed. I was 70% confident that I would be able to make it!

The projects that were given to us by Board Infinity were very helpful in giving us hands-on experience with the field. I was experienced and hence it was great to brush up my skills through these projects. This helped me build my confidence to sit for this interview with Customer Centria for the role of Creative Developer.

In the future, I want to work as a Backend Developer as I love coding. But, right now I am happy to get back into the workforce.

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