How to plan your career in 2 months in 2022

How to plan your career in 2 months in 2022

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Is 2020 going to be the year you are going to graduate? Then make sure you welcome the year by landing your dream job too. All it requires is some dedication, focus, and successful career planning, aka us! You’d be wondering whether it is possible to plan it before the new year starts? Of course, it is! Here is our 8-week career plan to get you job-ready.

Week 1 - Introspection

Yes, you can be anything and anyone you dream of becoming. It starts with understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Sit by yourself with a notepad and pen, and think deeply about your skills, hobbies, and interests. List all of them down one by one. Once you have it all in front of you, it will get easier to draw conclusions. Although it might look cluttered and chaotic, there will be patterns you will start to notice. Your inclinations need to match your skills, and if that is not happening then skills can always be learned. Let your mind free and think about all the possibilities.


Week 2 - Identify Options

Now comes the task of shortlisting options from the ones you have noted down. How to do so? Research on each of the career options. Find out about job opportunities, the income it can potentially generate, the companies that have the positions open, etc. Try talking to professionals pursuing the same career field you’re interested in, in the form of coaching or shadowing, and get clear advice. This is crucial because this is not always taught to us. All of these steps will help you narrow down your critical choices.

Week 3 - Prioritize and Compare

Take this week to prioritize your options, based on your career skills. You need to understand and identify what is more important to you. Most of these options may be inclined towards your passion, however,  sometimes they may not generate a viable income. Sometimes it may be the other way around. Having the perfect mix of both challenging work and good money is indeed ideal. Compare all your career options and narrow it down further. It is important to approach a career counselor that can help you accelerate efficiently at this stage. You can always ask for help and take sector and role clarity sessions for an expert.

Week 4 - Other Considerations

Your interest level and income aren’t the only criteria needed to figure out your career options. You have to take into consideration the demand for the field at present, the intellectual challenge it will pose your mind, whether it will require you to take up further education, will this option further change your life altogether, etc. Think of the foreseeable future, have the power to see through the consequences of your actions today, and finalize your options.

Week 5 - Action Plan

An action plan is necessary to see your ideas bearing fruit. Chart out a detailed career path for your finalized options, so that you know how they will each enfold. If you write it down, not only will you be able to visualize the way to achieve it clearly, but you will also get clarity on where you’ll stand 5 years from now, if you choose that career path. Yes, it can be overwhelming but keep going at it.

Week 6 - Get Professional Help

Once you’ve made your decision, find mentors and guides who can give you first-hand guidance about your choice. They will have the practical experience and will steer you in the right direction. A lot of career coaching platforms also offer additional services like helping you build a great resume, helping you prepare for interviews, etc. Career coaches will help you make effective career decisions and help you identify and maximize your strengths.

Week 7 - Learning Programs

The career option you have chosen may require you to undergo certain training or certifications. Do your research well and understand why these training programs are needed and how they will help you land the job of your dreams. Upgrading your skill set will make you a hot talent, make companies approach you with their jobs. Make sure you have a plan ready for when to pursue, and how to pursue these learning courses.

Week 8 - Voila!

Your career planning is done and you have a well-thought-out plan ready with you! With one week remaining for the year to start, you’ll have new career resolutions to make. Take a deep breath, and trust the process. Now is the time to be excited and start taking your first steps towards realizing your plan. Go for it!

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