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By - Yash Kumar, Board Infinity Alumni

Early Career Journey

My name is Yash Kumar. I am from Rewari, Haryana. I completed my schooling at a local school here and went to Government Engineering College in Jhalabad, Rajasthan to study B.Tech in Computer Science.

My interest in computers had developed due to my cousin who found a very handsome job in America after studying Computer Science. He inspired me to pursue the same career path and I must say, I don't regret it!

However, during my B. Tech, even though I had chosen the field of my interest, as most of the other students, I lacked the focus in the initial years. We can't blame ourselves! College life is the gateway to the most amazing phase of your life and nobody should miss that.

In my 3rd year, I realized that my course was about to come to an end and I still hadn't decided what my future would look like going forward. So, I decided to bring back my focus and started preparing for placement, however, I found out it was very difficult to even get to a single company to talk about employment during that time.

I am a Pandemic Graduate. I graduated in the difficult year of 2020 in December. College placements were ruined due to the pandemic and even though I was applying from outside nothing was helpful in getting me to the interview rounds. So, I decided to first go for a certification course to validate my degree and my resume to look good.

I joined Board Infinity's Full Stack Development Course in May 2021 to help myself form a base in web development.

My Experience with Board Infinity

Learning at Board Infinity has been a great experience for me. During my Full Stack Developer learning path course, I made sure that I followed everything that was taught by my coach. I had developed a good amount of interest in Front-end development. Focusing helped me gain a great deal of knowledge.

The projects and assignments were really helpful in learning through application since I build the full stack projects from scratch on my own. It's was a very benefitting experience. I have also included these projects on my resume and I must say they have helped me get shortlisted too.

These projects are a very good idea when you are venturing into this field as they help you build a good practice and hence your knowledge becomes profound, as I was a fresher.

Placement Journey

I got placed at eClerx. For now, it's a 6-month internship that will be converted to a full-time role soon. I had to go through a 3-rounds of interviews to confirm this job role. I am really happy to have successfully cracked this.

Board Infinity solved my problem of not being able to make it to interview at any good organization and obviously, my knowledge of full-stack development broadened.

For now, I am really happy to work here. But, my dream company is TCS. My friends work at TCS and I have heard they offer great growth opportunities.

Connect with Me

I hope you liked reading this post and I was able to provide some value to you. Feel free to connect with me by filling this form. "Connect with Board Infinity Alumni"

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