Learning Full-Stack Development after B. Tech in Computer Science: How it helped

Learning Full-Stack Development after B. Tech in Computer Science: How it helped

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Blog | Board Infinity

By - Arpan Barik, Board Infinity Alumni

1. Early Career Journey

My name is Arpan Barik. I am from West Bengal. My dream has always been to become an engineer, so when I graduated college in 2018, I went to Odisha to study B. Tech in Computer Science at DRIEMS, Cuttack.

I am currently in the 7th semester of my course. My interest in web development began during the first few weeks of my course. However, since a very small part of the syllabus concerned web development, I decided to do a course from outside. The college curriculum I was very interested in was designing and front-end development but my college curriculum was only concerned with basic languages.

During a Java course that I took this year, my instructors suggested that I take a course on full-stack development. As a result, I started searching online and found the course offered by Board Infinity.

In the beginning, I was skeptical, so I didn't join because the placement offer seemed false. But, my parents knew how excited I was about the course and so they told me even if I don't get placed, at least I will learn something.

2. BI Experience

I enrolled in the Online Full Stack Development Course in March 2021 and I must say my experience has been AWESOME.

At first, I thought managing a 6-month course along with college studies would be difficult. But, with the classes being scheduled only on weekends, I never had to face difficulty in managing my time. Even though I used to miss it, I can watch the recorded classes any time I want and will have a week to catch up.

My coaches and program managers were very helpful throughout the course. The best thing about Board Infinity is that all the responses are always on time. Once I was facing a problem with GitHub, I informed my program manager about the same and she scheduled a 3-hour session with my coach the same day. It was extremely helpful and quick.

Board Infinity's Full Stack Development Course covers most of the modules that we need to start a career in this amazing field. I realized this as I went through the syllabus. When I used to go through the roadmap for a full stack developer on YouTube, it missed out on a lot of essential modules that Board Infinity offers.

The projects and assignments are very helpful too in this course. It's so good that even after getting placed, I am still able to access any of these projects and can work upon my skill.

3. Placement Journey

Regarding my placement, my program manager had begun sending me companies right after two months of joining the course. In retrospect, that has helped me build a lot of confidence as, by the end of my full-stack development course, I had a good grasp of these interviews and the confidence to face them.

There were many companies I applied to and I was also shortlisted by several of them. One such company was Credence Analytics. My application for Credence Analytics went unanswered for a month until one day when I received an email saying that 7 students had been shortlisted for the assignment.

We got 1-2 days to do the assignment and then sit for an interview. The interviewer asked me to rate myself in React & Java Script and I rated myself 7. She asked me why I took 3 points off and I said that I was only a fresher who is looking forward to learning from on-the-job experience. It impressed her and at 3:30 pm the same day, I got an email confirming my selection for an internship for the role of a Front-end React Developer.

I am extremely happy with this internship as it fulfilled both the criteria that I had set for my first job-
1. I wanted a job in Full Stack Development
2. I had set a certain amount of salary which is fulfilled by what I am being offered here.

I am very thankful to Board Infinity for guiding my career in the right direction. I wasn't relying on my college placement as there aren't many good companies. But with this, I wouldn't have to care about that.

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