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Ways to Get a Job Before Graduation

Ways to Get a Job Before Graduation

It’s a tough period of time after graduation, isn’t it? The job search, the interim between graduation completion and the job interview, is like a nightmare for most students. But you don’t really have to wait for applying to a job till you complete your studies. You can break the routine and get yourself a job during your graduation itself! This will help you skip competition, and will increase the opportunities coming your way. Below are a few ways to get a job before graduation.

1. Keep your Resume Ready

Before you start searching for a job, you need to get your resume job-ready. Under educational background, write the degree you’ll achieve and the date when you’ll achieve it. If you’ve done internships, well and good; it gets added to your credibility. If not, then try to write about your skills supported by practical exposure. For instance, heading a book club, managing college fests, being a part of the Rotaract club, etc. You can also showcase your achievements by putting in results of any competitions you’ve won, group assignments and projects that you’ve worked on, scholarships you’ve attempted, etc. Be sure to review your resume with a career coaching institute or with your professors once.

2. Have an Online Presence

Today’s job search has gone online. This means, candidates’ screening also happens online itself, beforehand. Hence, build a social media presence--it’s a must. Create a LinkedIn profile and make sure you fill it up completely and honestly. Try to remain active on it and share opinions or news articles whenever you can. Clean up your Facebook and make it safe for viewing (you can change your privacy settings). Choose a good professional display picture. Having a presence online is essential as it helps the hiring managers, form the first impression about you, and gives them reasons to take you for the job.

3. Be a Networking Ninja

Everyone you know should know that you’re on the hunt for a job. Distribute your resumes as much as you can, wherever you can. Be bold and apply for interviews just for experience's sake. Ask your superiors to take interviews of yours. Call up companies and ask them for mock interviews--make full use and play the student card! Your college alumni are a treasure trove of opportunities for you; they all must be working somewhere. Try to get in touch with them and express your desire to work. Start attending job and career fairs, which are held so often, you’ll be surprised. Make connections there and keep following up. Keep copies of your resume to pass on to anyone and everyone you meet.

4. Do an Internship

Yes, it will be free but it will get you priceless experience in your kitty. This golden opportunity of doing an internship will add a lot of value to your resume. It will help you understand how any organization works, how to perform any job given, and all ins and outs of work culture. This valuable experience cannot come unless you work somewhere. All interns are generally given a lot of work and that may prove beneficial for you and help you add something worthwhile to your resume.

While you follow all of the above, you shouldn’t let go of your education. Remember to study well and look for a job simultaneously. Keep doing your research and keep applying to places, and no time you’ll have the job of your dreams before you pass college!