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What to opt for as a fresher - MNC or Startup?

What to opt for as a fresher - MNC or Startup?

As a fresher or working professional, you might have multiple offers pouring in from a lot of places. It is all a matter of choice and sometimes in life, you will need to make tough ones. One of the biggest dilemmas is whether you should join an MNC or a startup.

In today’s times, the rising number of startups has really revolutionised the job arena. Freshers need to make the correct choice as it will be their first foray into professional life. Let’s see what freshers should opt for when starting out, Startup or MNC, and why.

1. Work Rules

Startups have their own way of functioning. They don’t have a set process or protocol for performing a particular function, which will give you the liberty to work freely without inhibitions.

This will also help you think out aloud for the company’s best interests and you can even implement ideas. You get to optimise any process which also improves your learning ability tremendously.

Whereas, in an MNC, it is all about following the process. There is a rigid system in place and preset rules as to how a particular event happens.

2. Credit

In a startup, everyone works together. There is no boss-subordinate hierarchy that is followed. This enables the success rate to fly high. Also, because in a startup, everybody is equally invested in completing a project, appreciation and recognition are given to all members whose efforts were put in.

Whereas, in an MNC it only mostly goes to the team head, because of the rigid, predetermined hierarchy.

3. Work Culture

In startups, the work culture is almost always an open one. All employees’ inputs are taken into consideration while any project delivery is done. This chance to be involved in everything is very positively reinforcing and will make you want to strive for more always. Achievements will never be a problem.

Although, in an MNC, everyone has a designated role or part to play in the project life cycle. While only limited inputs are entertained, you cannot comment on the whole project or question anything.

4. Flexible Work Schedule

Have to take your pet for a vaccination? Have to sign an important rent cheque? All this is possible during weekdays itself because startups have a very flexible work schedule. It all feels like a big family, where you can take permission to arrive late or even stay at home if there is no work.

Meanwhile, many MNCs have strict reporting timings and are rigid with it. If at all your work is done before time, then you might have to stay back to clock in the minimum number of hours.

5. Multitasking

In a startup, you will become a professional multitasker as there will not be any dedicated person for every role. You may find yourself managing 2 roles, and sometimes even other tasks that are officially not a part of your job responsibility. This helps in identifying your hidden talent and it will help you learn a lot of skills.

In an MNC, there are separate teams for functions and sometimes you wouldn’t know what the dependent team is up to, and vice-versa.

If you are confused between working in MNC and in a start-up, the watch are video on:


Startups have a diverse culture, provide ample learning opportunities, and are very conducive for freshers. That’s what we think. But well, we also think that if a fresher is already well prepared with skills and certifications, and is looking for a stable income and career, they can opt for starting with an MNC.

Whereas if the fresher is very nascent with his skills and needs some mentoring and growth with a decent income source, then they should choose a startup. MNCs are always there to join after you’ve got some nice experience! Think and make the right choice!