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Within 1.5 Months of Enrolling with Board Infinity, I was Hired at EClerx as a Front-end Engineer

Blog | Board Infinity
Blog | Board Infinity

By- Sibil Sarjam Soren, Board Infinity Alumni

My Early Career Journey

My name is Sibil. I am from Koraput, Odisha.

It is an Industrial area and is home to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and NARCO Industries. Since I was a child, my parents wanted me to be a Mechanical/Production Engineer. That could be because of where we live. My older brother is also a Civil Engineer with a government job, and my parents wanted to follow in his footsteps.

On the contrary, I have always been interested in Computer Science. In class 12th, I even opted for CS and scored very well on the board exams. However, as everyone suggested, I enrolled in Mechanical Engineering at the Central University of Koraput.

Nevertheless, even a 4-year course could not change my mind about making a career in Computer Science. I did not want to pursue a job in the Mechanical Engineering field after graduating in 2018. It was something I'd like to do for 30-40 years.

Therefore, I began learning coding from here and there and even worked in Android Development for 1.5 years at a start-up in Bhubaneshwar, which eventually failed. My technical knowledge and experience were both bleak, which is why I needed to work on myself to get into the IT field. In order to give direction to my career, I decided to choose one particular career path.

Web Development was the career path that most interested me, and I started learning it on my own but realized that it would take proper mentorship to turn into a proficient developer and to find employment.

When I was searching for various Web Development courses, a friend suggested I check out Board Infinity. As soon as I learned about the course structure, I enrolled in the Full Stack Development Learning Path at Board Infinity to give a headstart to my career in a much more organized manner.

Placement Journey

Here my career journey took a plunge!
Believe it or not, but 1.5 months into this course, I was asked to interview for eClerx for the position of Front-end engineer.

Being new to the course, I was a bit confused about whether to go for this interview. I discussed this with my program managers at Board Infinity, and they told me to go for it if I was confident with what I had learned. As per what I had learned on my own and from my first module at Board Infinity, I believed in myself and appeared for the test.

To my surprise, I passed the MCQ test provided by eClerx. I was able to answer most of the questions correctly since I had been studying them on my own.

Fortunately, my technical interview also went well, and I was hired after clearing it. Thanks to Board Infinity for supporting me to sit for the interview only 1.5, months into the course.

Since September, I have been working for eClerx, and the experience has been great. Meanwhile, I am also continuing my Board Infinity course. The weekend classes give me plenty of time to study and manage both my job and the course together.

Learning Experience at Board Infinity

I am honing my skills at Board Infinity through the assignments and projects we do, and this is what I do for my job. Besides this, Board Infinity coaches are always available to answer any doubts that I may have. Their responses have always been prompt.

Learning from industry experts is very helpful for my professional life since I have only started out in this career.

Being able to do what I wanted for a long time makes me very happy. Through this job, I can grow in my career in unimaginable ways. Now, I can even plan on retiring in my 40s since this field pays so well. It feels like I am living my dream.

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