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I don’t know what am I good at, I don’t even know my core personality.

What career should I choose to lead a better life?

To whom should I ask for the right career guidance?

I don't have the right job opportunities to start my career.

I literally don’t know anything about what’s the right career for me.

Your IKIGAI is your Ideal Career, Here's How it Works!

Stage 1 - Discover Your Paths

Our advanced AI algorithms recommend your top 3 ideal career paths by analyzing your personality, profile and interests.

What you love
what you’re good at

Stage 2 - Choose Your Ideal Path

We’ll help you choose the right career path on the basis of various market realities, salary trends etc.

What the world needs
What you can be paid for

Stage 3 - Start Your Learning Journey

Acquire the right skill set by assessing your strengths and weaknesses and receive personalized course recommendations based on your skill gaps or mismatches.

What you’re good at

Stage 4 - Crack Your Dream Job

Finally, start your ideal career with our personalized job recommendations tailored to your criteria.

Your Ikigai

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Ujjwal Prakash

Data Scientist, Quantiphi

As a new college graduate, I had no direction to make my career choice. Thanks to this career test, I was able to identify my strengths. Taking this career test has helped me choose my perfect career.

Sushma Gupta

Data Scientist, The Math Company

Choosing the right career can be very difficult when you have so many options. This test was really helpful as it helped me identify my personality traits and recommended a career accordingly. I highly recommend this test to anyone who is considering a career change.

Ashish Surve

Data Scientist, Tiger Analytics

I've had a very positive experience with Career Graph! I was long stuck in a dead-end job and had no direction to build a good career for myself. Thanks to this well-designed career test, I was able to make the right career decision without seeking much help from anyone else.

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Career Planner helps you find your ideal career and give you a valid direction towards achieving your ideal career. It is based on the Japanese philosophy 'Ikigai', which is about finding one’s purpose.