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How to Build a Career in Data Analytics


In this webinar, Coach Mukesh (CTO, VP insights & data at Capgemini India) will be sharing steps to build a career in data science. He will share insights about the demand for data science, companies hiring, skills to be a data scientist and more. If you are planning to start or switch your career to data science? This webinar is the answer.

Coach Mukesh is a Techno-Biz Leader with ~25yrs experience leading multinational organizations (13yrs MICROSOFT, JIO, NICE & VFS Global) in Digital Transformation, Product Engineering, Large-Scale Development, Big Data Analytics, AI, IoT, Blockchain, Chatbots, Advertising, FinTech, MarTech, Social, Media, Cloud, SaaS, Mobility, Product Quality, setting up & managing Large GIC in India and leading business globally & delivering innovative results. He will be covering the following -

  • What’s the driving force behind the demand for data science professionals, and what does top talent in this area look like according to leading businesses?
  • What does the job market look like for data scientists? are there specific shortages and areas of need that might contribute to how a data scientist shapes their education and career path?
  • What do you see as far as data scientist degrees being put to actual use and which ones are companies looking for most?
  • What are companies looking for in a data scientist? what types of skills are most in-demand and helpful?
  • How can data scientists make themselves more widely marketable in the industry?
  • What specific areas of education are companies mentioning as being most beneficial in actual practice and what types of training and certifications are attractive to prospective employers?
  • How do data scientists find the right company to work for, and what should they expect as they start? 8.What can data scientists do to gain more experience and build up their portfolios?

The webinar will end with 15 minutes q&a session.


Mukesh Jain

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

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