Recorded Webinars

Watch the recordings from previous webinars on topics like digital marketing, data science, web development, and a lot more. These webinars are for beginners who want to learn more about a certain industry.
75 Mins

This webinar is for beginners who want to learn HTML basics from scratch. You will learn directly from Coach Nanda who has over 10+ years of experience.

35 Mins

This data science webinars is taken by Coach Kunaal. He will share in-depth insights, thoughts, and tips that will help you kickstart your career in Data Science.

110 Mins

Attend this webinar to get initiated into the amazing world of AI and ML. Learn about the amazing applications of AI in literally every area.

110 Mins

In this webinar, Coach Praful Jain will go through web analytics tools and show you the importance of web analytics in digital marketing.

75 Mins

In this webinar, Dr. Shoma Shrivastava will tell you about the final piece of the puzzle before any interview, “Grooming & Etiquettes”.

Introduction to GitHub
60 Mins

In this webinar, Coach Nanda Kishore will teach you about git- the version control and its collaborative platform Github.

57 Mins

In this webinar, Coach Nanda Kishore will go through the complete basics of CSS with the help of a LIVE demo.

60 Mins

In this webinar, Coach Nanda Kishore will cover the basics of javascript, different types of engines, history of javascript, and more.

110 Mins

In this webinar, Coach Praful Jain will go through email marketing tools live to give you a better understanding of how email marketing works.

115 Mins

If you’ve always wondered what deep learning is but never actually understood it, then let Coach Anil help you understand the concepts of deep learning with this webinar.

60 Mins

In this live webinar, you’ll learn about the skills that companies are hiring for even during this COVID-19 crisis, internship tips, and more./

60 Mins

Attend Up The Ladder series hosted by Abhay Gupta. You’ll get to the know how Coach mohit got into digital marketing after a B.Sc. in Botany - his struggles, learning & how you can get started.