Recorded Webinars

Watch the recordings from previous webinars on topics like digital marketing, data science, web development, and a lot more. These webinars are for beginners who want to learn more about a certain industry.
35 Mins

If you want to pursue a career path in finance or want to know about what finance careers offer in terms of opportunity, then this webinar is for you!

71 Mins

In this webinar, you’ll learn vital tips to build a successful career in Sales & Marketing from Coach Aditya Sharma (10+ years of experience)

45 Mins

In this webinar, Coach Sunil (20+ years in the industry) shares his insights, thoughts, and pathway to build a career in Supply Chain Management.

45 Mins

Board Infinity Coach Shalini Nandwani details the fundamental soft skills that empower career aspirants to achieve their career goals. The expression “excellent communication skills” is used so frequently on job descriptions that, ironically, it’s hard to know what it means. She highlights the skills that are paramount for workplace success. Coach Shalini Nandwani is an industry expert with a comprehensive experience of twenty-four years in various sectors – E-commerce, Education, IT, Banking and Indian Navy.

75 Mins

This webinar is for beginners who want to learn HTML basics from scratch. You will learn directly from Coach Nanda who has over 10+ years of experience.

120 Mins

In this webinar, Coach Pranav will share the digital marketing skills which will help you land a lucrative job in the industry. Perfect for beginners.

100 Mins

Through this webinar, learners will get exposed to what are the skills, tools, do's, don't to be an Android Developer. All of your doubts will be cleared.

180 Mins

This SQL webinar is for beginners who want to learn SQL from scratch. You will learn directly from Coach Rahim who has 10+ years of experience.

120 Mins

This webinar is for beginners who want to learn Data Visualisation from the ground up. Learn directly from Coach Rahim who has 10+ years of experience.

120 Mins

Coach Kunal will teach you all the basics, tools, and techniques of Excel in this webinar. This webinar is perfect for beginners in Excel.

40 Mins

This webinar by Coach Neha is for learners who want to begin there career in the field of Digital Marketing but don't know where and how to start.

35 Mins

This data science webinars is taken by Coach Kunaal. He will share in-depth insights, thoughts, and tips that will help you kickstart your career in Data Science.