A Leap from BSc in Mathematics to Data Science

A Leap from BSc in Mathematics to Data Science

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Blog | Board Infinity

By- Akanksha Pal, Board Infinity Alumni

1. Early Career Journey

My name is Akanksha Pal. I'm from Gurugram, Haryana.

I completed my BSc in Mathematics from Delhi University and have been working for the last 3 years as an Operational Analyst at NatWest Group.

Having a mathematics background, I have always had a fascination with numbers. Since my college days, I was familiar with Data Science, but I needed guidance to transition into a full-fledged career. This decision could have been taken earlier in my life, but due to some reasons, it was delayed, and the pandemic struck before I could do something about my career transition. As I watched people lose their jobs during the pandemic, I was grateful to at least have one.

Even though I come from a non-technical background, knowing that Data Science is the future, coupled with the fact that it pays well, helped me pursue this career prospect. My love for Mathematics helped me gather the confidence to give this field a try and I started looking for platforms that could help me with this career transition.

As a next step, I took free trials at several institutions. However, during the call with Board Infinity, I felt more comfortable with the course, and the placement guarantee offered by Board Infinity was one of the major factors for taking up the Data Science course here. So, by the end of 2021, I had registered with Board Infinity.

2. Journey with Board Infinity

When my course started, I was provided with the foundation classes that gave me an overview of the entire course modules and gave me the confidence to pursue this career. Coaches in this program are well-versed as they are industry professionals with years of experience in this field. They helped us develop the skills needed to start a career in this field and gave us valuable insight on how to get off to a good start.

This was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had because I never felt that the coaches got stuck while teaching us or were unable to solve our doubts at any point in the process.

Board Infinity has a great approach to learning, in my opinion. Our learning skills were developed and honed tremendously by working on real-life projects at the end of each module. Through these projects, I was also able to gain the confidence to sit for the interviews since I got to practice everything I had learned. Additionally, these projects helped me during the interviews since I had something to support my skills on my CV, which was impressive to recruiters since I was a fresher in this field.

Board Infinity is a highly learner-oriented platform.  It was very convenient that the videos were available even after the classes had ended, which was very helpful. Watching them after classes taught me new things I had missed during class. With the help of videos of live classes, I was able to complete my projects faster than with other internet resources.

3. Placement Journey

Board Infinity referred me to the Infigonia group for the position of Data Analyst. The hiring process began with a phone call from HR in my first round. There was then a technical round and a communication round. At the end of the process, I was interviewed by the CEO of the Infigonia Group.

The interview went well. Despite not being able to adequately answer certain questions, I still made it because of demonstrating a learner's attitude. I am happily working as a Data Analyst at the Infigonia Group and learning along the way!

The best advice I can give to those seeking their career path is to learn as much as possible and make sure they are the right fit for the company before applying for jobs. To get off to a good start, you must learn all the basic skills. As a second point, if you happen to be sitting for a job interview, you should always be honest with your interviewer since it will not be ideal for you to build up stories during the interview. Lastly, work on your projects in addition to soft skills. The only thing you have to prove is your effort, even if the outcome isn't what you expected.]

Thank you Board Infinity for guiding me through this journey and providing me with the career of my dreams.

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