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Join our Data Science Course to become a Certified Data Scientist! Master in the highly demanded technologies like SQL, Python alongside the concepts of Data Exploration, Regression Models, Hypothesis Testing. Get 1:1 personal coaching and mentoring straight from Top Data Science Coaches to be job-ready. This includes the complete data science syllabus, project, hackathons, and Data Science Certification.

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Become a certified Data Scientist with our Learning Path in Data Science Course, which is aligned to competency standards developed by SSC NASSCOM and approved by the Government of India.

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    150+ Hours

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    Beginners & Intermediate

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About the Data Science Program


150+ Hours of Online Learning

Acquire premium content through live data science classes and offline bootcamps.


1:1 Personalized Mentoring from Industry Experts

Get personalized 1:1 career coaching from 700+ best data science coaches.


Access to Employment Opportunities

Apply for available industry internships and live data science projects and full-time job opportunities.

Data Science Tools & Skills Covered

Master the right set of skills & tools which will allow you to perfectly execute your Data Science projects.

What Will You Learn During the Course

  • Understand data science life cycle & real project processes
  • Understand the approaches to solve real-world data science problems
  • Step by step learn to solve complex data science project pipeline
  • Practice statistics for data analysis
  • Master using python for data science & important python libraries
  • Attend advanced SQL sessions to analyse huge databases
  • Present data science projects & insights to stakeholders
  • Fundamentals of CV, NLP, CNN, and RNN
  • Learn data visualization, data exploration, and feature engineering
  • Building robust machine learning models
  • Gain expertise in important python libraries

Job Opportunities

  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • NLP Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst


Best course content delivered by leading faculty and industry experts in the form of Live Classes, On-Demand Videos, Case Studies, Assignments, and Projects.

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Industry Projects

  • Learn Data Science through real-life industry projects sponsored by top companies across various verticals
  • ✓ Engage in collaborative Data Science projects with student-mentor interaction
  • ✓ Learn faster in-person through guidance from expert mentors
  • ✓ Personalized subjective feedback on your submissions to facilitate quick improvement

Zomato Data Analysis


Zomato, an Indian restaurant aggregator and food delivery application. As a Data Analyst, your task is to find various trends to understand how fast it has become popular, the average cost per customer, restaurant popularity, and other insights. This project is best for data science beginners working on excel and python.

Play Store Data Analysis


Google Play Store team is about to launch a new feature. This feature will help bring more attention to newer apps that have potential. The task is to understand what makes an app perform well - size, price, category, multiple factors together? After the data science training, you will analyze the data, present your insights - the final output of the analysis would be presented to the business as insights with data and visualizations.

Retail Store Analysis


In this Data Science project, you will help a retail store to visualize sales and develop insights from the previous year. You will use various plots to understand the best customers, orders in a day also estimate the lifetime value of customers based on purchase patterns. This is one of the exciting projects to complete with the data science certification course.

Predict Automobile Price


In this project, you will use Machine learning to predict the price of a car based on several characteristics. The objective is to build a model to understand the factors that drive the price of a car. This data science project will help the automobile company launch their new car in the market effectively by pricing it better.

IPL Data Visualization


The Indian Premier League is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India contested every year by eight teams representing eight different cities in India. In this project, you will develop powerful charts to understand the performance of each player and the entire team for investors to draw insights. This project will help your data science portfolio stand out.

E-commerce Data analysis


Your mission is to analyze various product details, user behavior, product prizes, etc to improve the conversion rates and profits of an E-commerce store. You will also develop insights to develop pricing and promotions. This project will test your basic data science skills & knowledge.

Customer Churn Prediction


After taking python for data science classes, you will work on the Churn prediction project that consists of detects customers who are likely to cancel a subscription to a service based on how they use the service using customer information such as age, gender, location. You will build a classifier that tells a particular customer is loyal or a churn. In this project, you will use python, sklearn, matplotlib, pandas, SVM, and logistic regression.

Bank Marketing Prediction


Bank wants to predict the response to a marketing campaign for various users. Use Machine learning predictive modeling techniques like Random forest and logistic regression to predict if the customer will respond positively to the campaign or not.

Fraud Detection


An interesting project for ML enthusiasts o brush up on their skills. You will predict the likelihood of a customer committing a fraudulent transaction. Build a Machine Learning model to identify fraudulent credit card transactions with our data science certification course.

Cross Sell Up Sell


After completing data science classes on SQL, test your knowledge by working on this project. Identify product bundles that get brought together to be able to identify cross-sell up-sell opportunities. You will work on transactional data by using advanced SQL for sequence structures.

Email marketing


Work on this data science project to help organizations make marketing strategies. Identify patterns and attributes that lead to good performance and sub-optimal performance of the email program. This is a holistic data science online course to help you understand the use of data science in marketing.

Text and Sentiment Analysis


A Data Science portfolio must have a project on NLP. You can compute the sentiment value of each narrative of a particular topic with the help of K-Means clustering and NLP.

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