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From Hating Coding to Absolutely Loving it!

From Hating Coding to Absolutely Loving it!

By - Ram Achal Prajapati, Board Infinity Alumni

1. My Background

Today I’m going to share a bit of my life story with you. I hope you learn something from it and it provides value to you in some form.

I’m born and brought up in a small village in Uttar Pradesh.

After living in the village for a few years of my early childhood, my family shifted to a small town nearby.

The main reason we shifted was, that my father wanted me and my siblings to get a good education, but our village had no proper electricity, schools, or utilities. After I finished my 12th, I got a scholarship to LPU’s Computer Science Engineering Degree course.

During my 2nd year of engineering, I started thinking more about my long-term goals. One of these goals was that I wanted to do a master's abroad, so I started thinking of fields in Computer Science that I could specialize in. If you didn’t know already, there are a lot of different branches of Computer science to choose from. I didn’t necessarily like coding (C & C++) very much, so I was pretty confused.

At this point, I did what most people do, started spending a lot of time researching on the internet.

2. Career In Data Science, Why?

I read a lot of blogs, watched a lot of videos, and went through a lot of resources. After doing that for a few weeks, I came across IoT (Internet of Things), but the problem with IoT was that I would have to completely change my whole industry from Computer science to Electronics. So I had to scrap that idea.

Another option I came across was Data science, this was particularly interesting to me since I liked the idea of working with Python. Another one of my major long-term goals is to start a business of my own. By learning data science and becoming a business analyst, I would be able to explore tons of different business models and get an idea of what I want to do. This field completely aligned with my long-term goals, and I was intrigued to learn more about it.

At this point, I started looking for online courses that would teach me more about Data science in a very structured format. Since data science is a vast field, learning about it online can be a bit difficult at times. You don’t really know where to start learning and which resources are reliable.

I went through a ton of online learning institutions like UpGrad, Coursera, Udemy, etc. But none of these courses had the perfect structure of the courses that I was looking for. This is when I came across Board Infinity, I was very impressed with the course syllabus and the topics that they were going to cover in their courses. The format of teaching was also very interesting to me (live 1:1 mentoring from industry experts, practical learning through case studies, career coaching… Who wouldn’t want all of that?)

After seeing all of this and reading their reviews from past learners, I was convinced and I took the leap of faith… I joined their Data Science Course Learning Path

Watch to know my experience as a data science learner at Board Infinity

3. Experience at Board Infinity

The difference between a normal course and Board Infinity is that I got updated industry-relevant information. Even if I missed any lecture, I always receive the recordings within a day. All of my doubts during the lectures are solved almost instantaneously by the coaches. Whenever I have any queries or doubts outside the live classes, I contact my program manager and she gets it solved within an hour… It’s pretty amazing.

Data science is a very vast sector, and I didn’t exactly know what to study, how to study, or which topics are even relevant to the industry. All the modules in the course are very in-depth and the coaches at Board Infinity do a very good job at explaining the core concepts of topics.

I never focused much on reading articles or my communication skills before joining Board Infinity. One day, one of the coaches (Sir Kunaal Naik) told me during the course that it didn’t matter how good my technical skills were if my communication skills were lacking. He gave me a few resources & tips through which I could practice & improve my communication skills. Now, I’ve developed a habit of watching educational videos and reading articles to improve my communication skills and technical knowledge on a daily basis

I had also never participated in hackathons before. The hackathons that Board Infinity conducts for their learners are very helpful. They particularly helped me put my theoretical knowledge into practice and gain more confidence in my practical skills.

The whole team is always just a message away & I receive a lot of support from them (even in terms of just pushing me to get better & improve my skills regularly). The feeling that the Board Infinity members actually care about me and my learning is heart-warming. They always supported me every step of the way and I recommend each one of my friends to join Board Infinity.

Because of this course, I’ve started to develop a  passion for Data Science. Most of my Data science knowledge is all thanks to the coaches at Board Infinity. Now I feel very comfortable coding in Python & I’m excited to start my career in Data Science.

4. Placement Process

My course with Board Infinity has finished and my placement process started. The coaches and the placement team prepared me for my job interviews. After a couple of sessions, I got successfully placed as Assistant Data Analytics Manager at Askcred.AI

I hope you enjoyed reading this article & I was able to give some valuable insights for your career growth!

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