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Board Infinity, for the first time, is opening its doors to all the amazing writers out there!

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Write and share your knowledge and expertise with lakhs of students, industry experts, and mentors, and get a chance to connect with professionals in your field with an author bio below every article of yours!

So whether you’re a professional or a student, it is time for you to start your writing journey, share your expertise and build professional connections.

Topics To Cover

Note that we only consider articles on and around these topics:

Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Web Development, DevOps, Could Computing, Programming, Big Data, Cyber Security, Data Analyst, Data Engineering, Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Data Structures.

Things To Consider

  1. The content should be 100% original and has not been published elsewhere, no paraphrasing of other blogs, and definitely no plagiarism.
  2. The topics chosen by you should not have been covered by Board Infinity. Also, submitting more topics will lead to a higher chance of approval from our reviewer.
  3. Refer to our Contributor Guidelines to make sure your content abides by them and has a higher chance of approval.
  4. Higher approvals will lead to you being hired as a Paid Freelance Writer for Board Infinity.

Contributor Guidelines

A few guidelines to adhere to while writing your articles:

General Instructions

  • Write a compelling blog post title: Give your article a title that catches the eye of the reader and hooks them onto your words.
  • Start with an introduction: An introduction is what bribes the reader to stick around and read. Make sure you write one and it is catchy!
  • End with a conclusion: Summarising all that you have written in one paragraph gives the reader finalization of thoughts and emphasizes the topic you've written about. Make the conclusion firm, and interesting.
  • Meta tags: Meta tags are what you see on Google when you search for something. The meta tags include a meta title and meta description. Write a click-worthy meta title in less than 60 characters and a meta description is less than 145 characters.

2. Keep it Comprehensive

  • We want articles that make the topics easy to understand and comprehend. Therefore, make sure the article you submit is a deep dive into the topic for people to be able to learn better.
  • Do not crowd the article with unnecessary words or repetitive phrases just to make it longer.
  • Follow a simple style of writing which would allow the masses to learn without too much effort.

3. Make it Easy to Read

  • Use short sentences and simple words. Use short paragraphs with 4 to 5 sentences. This improves readability.
  • Use subheadings when you are referring to a sub-topic.

4. Punctuations and Formatting

  • Use all relevant formatting options like bold, italic, underline, quotes, numbered, and ordered list. Write percentages and numbers as digits.
  • Use one space after all punctuation. Use the Oxford comma format.

4. Headlines

Headlines are supposed to be catchy and should hook the reader from the start.

  • Capitalize all words in the heading.
  • All other words are capitalized in a heading except articles (an, a, the, etc.), coordinating conjunctions (for, and, or, but, etc.), and prepositions that contain three or fewer letters (in, one, at, etc.)

Link a minimum of 5- 10 Board Infinity’s blogs and use internal linking to do so. You can also this link to search for more blogs by Board Infinity.

Please Note: In every article, we may provide links to:

  1. Our related courses and blogs
  2. Tweets and YouTube videos related to the topic

6. Use Explanatory Images

Images make the whole article more visually appealing and therefore, increase the attention span of the user. A few things to note when using images:

  • Make sure that the featured image appears correctly before submitting your post.
  • Use center alignment for photos within the blog post unless they are aligned with the text.
  • All images must have alt tags and title attributes. Use a brief photo description.

Article Submission Process

You can start contributing your articles to Board Infinity in a few simple steps:

  1. Click on “Start” under “Submit Your Blog Idea”.
  2. Fill in your details and write down the blog idea.
  3. Click on “Submit for Review”.
  4. Once you have submitted your idea, our team of editors and reviewers will get back to you if they have approved your idea.
  5. Write an article for us on the approved idea.
    Make sure you have proofread your article and that there are no mistakes, grammatical or otherwise. Writing plagiarized, paraphrased, incorrect or promotional content will lead to rejection.
  6. Get published on Board Infinity!

Note: If your articles keep getting approved, you would be given the opportunity to work as a freelance writer with Board Infinity and earn remuneration based on the quality of your article!  

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