From Mechanical Engineering to Data Science - My Successful Career Transition

From Mechanical Engineering to Data Science - My Successful Career Transition

Blog | Board Infinity
Blog | Board Infinity

By - Raj Jadhav, Board Infinity Alumni

1. Professional Journey

Hey, In this blog I am going to tell you my journey in the field of Data Science.

I am from Sangli, Maharashtra. My sister got married last year and right now it’s just me, my mother and my father. After 12th, I decided to get into the field of Engineering but I did not secure a very good score. Thus, I went on to pursue a Diploma and then did my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. I love spending my time playing outdoor games, playing cricket, and listening to songs. I completed my Graduation in the Mechanical department in 2018. Post that I took up a few jobs and have a total experience of 18 months. The jobs I took up however are not something that I want to build a future in.

A major setback I faced in my career was when there were floods in Maharashtra. Due to the floods, I had to travel back to my village to take care of my family and because of that, I lost my job. To overcome this setback, I joined as a quality inspector at a local company and did a job there for 6 months but due to Covid, I lost that job as well. I was clueless and did not know what to do. I did not lose hope and kept trying and that was when I stumbled across the field of Data Science.

I chose Data Science because one of my friends suggested that I check out Data Science. I researched this field and since I love working with numbers, I gave it a try. I enrolled with Board Infinity for their Online course in Data Science. At the time of enrollment, I only knew the basics of Excel but after joining Board Infinity, the coaches and program managers guided me very well. As time passed, I felt more comfortable with Data Science.

2. Experience at Board Infinity

My journey with Board Infinity has been really good. They start with basics and then move on to more complex concepts. At the beginning, I did not know much, the coaches and instructors helped me a great deal. Coming from a Mechanical background, I knew it was difficult to get into the Analytics field. Due to this reason, I had to work even harder to do the assignments and tasks.

Before Ugam, I sat for two interviews. The first one was at the Math Company where I cleared three rounds but sadly in the fourth round, I got rejected. This hampered my confidence a bit but I had the self-belief that I would get placed eventually. Simultaneously, I gave another interview as well. At Ugam, there were four rounds. I cleared all the interviews in the span of four days and got placed successfully.

Currently, my role at Ugam is to work with SQL, Python, and other tools. At Board Infinity, I took part in all the Hackathons. Gurtej sir was instrumental in motivating me to take part in Hackathons. Within 6 months I got honored in the Python hackathon. Coming from a technical background, this was a huge achievement for me.

Kandhiravan Sir at Board Infinity helped me immensely to crack mock interviews and also navigate HR interview rounds. My program managers Faizan, Ananya, and Varneet also were extremely helpful. Whenever you message or call, they are ready to listen to you and treat you like friends.

I am ecstatic I got placed at Ugam because in the past two years I have been struggling to get a job. Before that, I was unclear about where my career path lies. Now that I have got placed at Ugam in the role that I want, it’s like a dream come true for me.

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