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I got placed at Ugam Solutions as an Associate Engineer: My Data Science Journey

I got placed at Ugam Solutions as an Associate Engineer: My Data Science Journey

By - Sarvani Atchutuni, Board Infinity Alumni

Before COVID, I had plans for MS in Data Science but, I had to stay back considering the situation in our country. Before Board Infinity happened, I knew nothing about Data Science other than it being a field brimming with opportunities.

1. My Career Journey

My name is Sarvani and I am from Hyderabad. As a school kid, I always used to be among the top five. Back then, I wanted to become a doctor but it turned out to be different as I grew up.

In 2019, I finished my B.Tech in Electronics & Communications from CVR College in Hyderabad. I couldn't sit for my placement as I had plans to study further. But when my initial plan didn't work out, I joined Cognizant in December 2019 in a non-technical role and worked there for 19 months since my MS plan was put to pause.

2. My Experience at Board Infinity

I joined Board Infinity's Data Science Course in April 2020. My learning experience has been really great here. I started this course as a beginner and now I have a good grip over the modules taught in this course. I am skilled in SQL, Python, and Tableau now. My coaches have been of great help to me in starting off my career in Data Science. Career transition isn't easy but with the right kind of guidance that I sought, I gained a lot of confidence besides all the knowledge and skills.

Not only the coaches but even the program managers are great here! My program manager, Virmeet, has helped me so much, especially during the placement. I have always reached out to him for helping me with my doubts and he has always helped me without any delay. I would receive so many company profiles from him. Initially, it was a bit difficult to crack these companies. Virmeet told me to just keep trying without losing hope, and I am finally here!

3. My Placement Journey

I got placed at Ugam Solutions as an Associate Engineer. With rigorous training, I was exceptionally skilled in SQL, which is the reason I got selected here. My 1 on 1 coaching sessions have proven very beneficial in helping me get this role. Board Infinity's placement training has been very helpful.

I am happy to have taken this course at Board Infinity. It has really helped me see a bright future for myself. In the next 5 years, I see myself working as a manager at a great package. I want to grow exponentially.

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