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Being Unemployed to Becoming a Senior Data Analyst: My Success Story

Being Unemployed to Becoming a Senior Data Analyst: My Success Story

By - Shrutika, Board Infinity Alumni

Knowing what you don't like is sometimes more important than knowing what you do like. You can make better decisions that way. Instead of coding during my BE in Computer Science, I gravitated towards Data Science, which led me to a job I love.

1. My Early Career Journey

My name is Shrutika. I was born and brought up in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, and I completed my education and schooling there as well.

My academic career has always been successful and I knew from the beginning that I wanted to study Computer Science engineering. I enrolled in MGM Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College in Aurangabad as soon as I finished my 12th grade to study Computer Science.

Throughout my four years earning an engineering degree, I had the time of my life while also taking my studies seriously. However, coding was a challenge, even though I enjoyed every aspect of the course! My grades were still high and I graduated with a 9-point average.

However, meeting with potential employers wasn't ideal as one thing or another prevented me from getting a job. Several mishaps in my family kept me from applying for jobs when I was in my third year of college. By the time I was prepared to apply for placement in 2020, there were not many opportunities available due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the circumstances, I also started applying off-campus, but since my coding skills weren't perfect I wasn't able to find a job that suited me.

Tired of applying for jobs without any luck, a friend of mine, Sapna, and I started searching for platforms from where we could get into another career field and Data Science seemed like a good fit.

The Board Infinity Data Science videos appeared on YouTube and later I searched for the courses. Upon getting to know enough about the course offerings and the fee, my friend and I decided to enroll ourselves in Data Science Course.

A demo class was my final step before enrolling in Board Infinity so I was sure this was the right career path for me. My decision was also influenced by the course syllabus and the affordable fee structure offered by Board Infinity.

2. My Experience with Board Infinity

I had a great learning experience at Board Infinity. All of my coaches were very interactive and taught everything practically as they work in the industry themselves and are up-to-date on the latest technological advances. All my queries were resolved promptly and I had absolutely a great time learning from our extremely knowledgeable coaches.

Through its organized and effective assessment process, Board Infinity helped me regularly test my skills and knowledge through exams, assignments, and projects. I particularly appreciated the projects at the end of each module, which allowed me to gain hands-on experience with technologies that were unfamiliar to me before joining this course.

3. My Placement Experience

Even though my last module is still ongoing, I was interviewed by eClerx for the position of Senior Data Analyst through Board Infinity’s placement assistance program. The interviews were conducted in two rounds - technical and managerial, where I was asked questions about SQL, Python, and the projects I worked on at Board Infinity.

Varneet sir, my placement manager, and my coaches gave me the guidance I needed to achieve this position and secure this handsome job even before the course was completed.

For me, Diwali came a day before, as the results were announced then. Seeing my family so happy about my job was heartwarming.

Thanks to Board Infinity for helping me along the way!

Special thanks to my extremely supportive family, especially my sister, Shraddha for always motivating me.

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