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Having Failed To Find A Relevant Position In Finance, I Switched To Data Science

Having Failed To Find A Relevant Position In Finance, I Switched To Data Science

By - Mohammed Sohail Anwar, Board Infinity Alumni

They say, “Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.”, and I swear by it. This career transition to Data Science wouldn’t have been easy if I didn’t have my friend pursuing the same course and motivating me all the time.  

1. My Early Career Background

My name is Mohammed Sohail. I am from Warangal. In 2014, I joined Bharti Degree College to pursue B.Com Hons, following which I also pursued an MBA degree in Finance from Osmania University.

During my MBA, our professors encouraged us to work, so parallelly I was also working with Accenture as a Business Associate on mapping for 15 months. As an experienced mapping professional, I joined Amazon in 2018 as a Quality Specialist and have been working there ever since. However, both of the jobs I obtained were related to my experience and did not involve my academic background.

It's not like I didn't try to find a job in finance. However, most companies appear to hire only from Tier 1 & Tier 2 colleges/universities. Despite my expertise, I was not found suitable for any positions in my field; this discouraged me.

While working for Amazon, I became acquainted with Data Science. I became familiar with SQL & Analytics through some of my projects. I was intrigued by this and wanted to learn more. I researched and discovered that Data Science offers the most desirable careers and there were so many platforms offering certification in the same.

2. Learning Experience at Board Infinity

The Data Science Course with Board Infinity provided a placement guarantee on top of personalized coaching from industry experts. Therefore, I approached them. I was pleased to finally come across a platform that spoke of placement guarantees and not just placement assistance.

I have learned extremely valuable skills for my career from Board Infinity. The coaches, program managers, and other members of BI were extremely helpful. Throughout the course, I received excellent assistance from my program managers, Ananya and Faizan. They have always come up with a solution whenever I have faced a challenge.

This Data Science course would not have been possible without the classes taught by coaches Ayushman and Darshan Ingle. Even though I was a fresher, I developed a deep understanding of the tools used in Data Science. All thanks to these coaches!

My mentor, Coach Sourav Bhattacharya, also helped me a lot during my projects. His evaluations were very insightful in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

The best part about this course was that I had a companion to do this course with. My friend Bacha Wala Laxminarayan and I joined Board Infinity together. He has always motivated me to walk the extra mile, so having him here with me helped me get through the difficulties of venturing into a new career field. He made the projects fun for me and learning became even easier.

3. My Placement Journey

When the placements arrived, initially I wasn't very confident about my technical skills and the kind of questions asked in an interview. Through interview preparations offered by Board Infinity and facing 1-2 interviews, I developed an understanding of the type of questions and behavior in an interview and also developed confidence. I cracked the Genpact interview through the knowledge I had gained through this Data Science course.

I have enjoyed learning Data Science. I want to build my own company in the years to come after gaining some experience. Right now, I am only looking to learn new things.

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