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Mechanical Engineer to Senior Data Analyst in 8 Months

Mechanical Engineer to Senior Data Analyst in 8 Months

By - Shreyank Purohit, Board Infinity Alumni

1. My Background

I graduated in 2019 as a Mechanical Engineer. Just like any other graduate, I started looking for jobs in Mechanical Engineering. But most companies weren’t hiring. Actually, some companies were even letting go of their experienced employees.

I had no option but to look for some other opportunity.

IT seemed like a good sector and a TCS job interview was coming up. I promptly started preparing for this interview in hopes of just securing a job.

I somehow managed to clear the written exam, but I failed during the final interview.

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2. Entry in the Field of Data Science

After this experience, I started diving deeper into the IT sector & learning more about it. This is when I stumbled across data science.

I was very curious, so I started looking for various institutions and courses to learn Data Science.

Most of the institutions/courses that I found online charge upwards of ₹1,00,000 for a Data Science Course & they didn’t even promise 100% Placement Assistance. I got disappointed because I couldn’t really afford that much.

But, I didn’t give up. I had to find some alternative.

3. Experience at Board Infinity

I did a bit more digging online, and that’s when I came across Board Infinity.

Looking back I’m glad I decided to take their Data Science Online Course!

During the start of my program, I felt that the online teaching method wouldn’t be very effective and interesting since I had almost 0 knowledge about Data Science. But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

There was so much hands-on training through projects, hackathons and assignments that I was able to pick things up very quickly. I was also able to build out my portfolio due to this method of teaching.

Every Wednesday, webinars were hosted with Senior Analysts from various top companies. This was extremely helpful because the industry experts gave us insights into the day-to-day roles of a Data Analyst, which technologies we should be learning, and the concepts that we should focus more on.

Week by week my interest in Data Science kept growing. There was also a coach who taught my batch and was also a Mechanical Engineer, but he was now working as a Data analyst at Reliance. His story boosted me up and gave me more confidence in my abilities as well.

The coaches were very good at what they taught and we also received study material, which made the whole learning process a lot easier. All the live lectures are recorded & I could go back to them whenever I felt the need to revise.

My program manager (Mr. Aditya Muraleedharan) was always just a call away to solve any of my queries.

Not only that, but their website has this clean feature for students to raise support tickets. This is very helpful because the whole process is very streamlined. When you raise a ticket, you receive a call within 1 hour and the issue gets resolved within 1 day for sure. I don’t think any institution pays this much amount of attention to students after they enrol in a course.

Halfway through my course, we entered this pandemic situation. There was an extreme shortage of demand in the industry and most companies had stopped their hiring processes.

4. Placement Process

I was even starting to get a bit worried about my placements. But the pandemic didn’t stop Board Infinity’s placement team.

Even during the lockdown, I managed to receive interview letters from 4-5 companies.

I also had an issue with communicating effectively and putting my thoughts into words.

Board Infinity’s team (specifically Shoma ma’am and Ananya ma'am) helped me a lot with this. She closely guided me throughout my journey and even motivated me to practice my communication skills by creating videos. She would then analyze these videos and tell me which areas I could improve upon.

This whole experience was just amazing for me and it helped me grow as a person.

Even during the placement preparation for eClerx (the company where I got placed), Mukul sir helped me a lot. He helped me with things like what kind of questions to expect in the interview, how to prepare, the things to avoid, how to negotiate salary, and a lot more.

Generally, companies don’t hire freshers directly, they put them through training first and only then you’re hired. Board Infinity’s teaching methods are structured in such a way that you don’t really need any training from the company, and companies are more willing to hire you.

After my course ended, I managed to secure a position as a Senior Analyst at eClerx.

I’m very excited about my future journey & I’m very thankful to the Board Infinity team for helping me out with my career transition.

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