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Entering the Data Science Field After Graduating From Computer Science

Entering the Data Science Field After Graduating From Computer Science

By - Shreya Natani, Board Infinity Alumni

1. My Early Career Journey

My name is Shreya Natani. I am from Ujjain. My academic record as a student has always been average. My parents guided me towards studying engineering after I graduated from high school; I had no career plans prior to that. I obtained my B.Tech in Computer Science from Mahakal Institute of Technology in Ujjain. The program ended in May this year.

Although I studied it for four years, Computer Science wasn't particularly interesting to me and I was always looking for an alternate career field. During my 6th semester, I came across Data Analytics and became interested and since then, there has been no looking back!

Last year, the lockdown was a great help! My interest in Data Analytics led me to rethink my career path, and Data Science seemed like the ideal path. Consequently, I started looking for courses related to it and stumbled upon Board Infinity's offerings, which made my way into the field easier.

2. My Journey with Board Infinity

According to the reviews on YouTube, I found Board Infinity to be a great place to rethink my career. Although there is a lot of concern about certification courses, I decided to take one since I thought it would be a good career move. Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint me!

I enrolled in the Data Science Course with Board Infinity. I was able to take this course during the lockdown since my college wasn't operating as usual. I utilized this time to learn with Board Infinity and it has taken me places!

My experience with the Data Science Course was very positive. I developed a deeper understanding of the field through this course. One of the most important aspects of the curriculum is that it covers everything one needs to understand before entering the field.

It was great having industry experts as Board Infinity coaches! They helped us develop skills that we needed to be successful in this industry and all of that I learned here have been very useful for me to start a career successful in Data Science.

3. Placement Process

Additionally, my placement trainer was extremely helpful. The 1:1 daily evaluation helped me to get all of my doubts cleared as he guided me through the entire course. Also, I am grateful to my Placement Head, Varneet Sansare. He has been a huge help to me, from timely doubt clearance to my projects.

As part of the placement preparation process, I developed confidence and became familiar with the whole interview process. At my interview for the Senior Data Analyst position with eClerx, questions about Python & SQL were asked and I could handle all of it because of how well I had been prepared through this course.

Taking this job is a good opportunity for me to gain great experience, which will allow me to grow in this field.

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