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Joining Ugam Solutions as a Data Scientist is My Dream Come True

Joining Ugam Solutions as a Data Scientist is My Dream Come True

By - Niveditha, Board Infinity Alumni

If you have completed a four-year master's degree in engineering, everyone expects you to answer the question "Have you gotten a job?". While many of us may have a solid answer to that question after the course, others may still be unsure. Despite many disagreeing, I fully understand the importance of exploring other career opportunities after graduating from college.

1. Early Career Journey

My name is Niveditha, and I am from Karnataka. I initially wanted to sit for medical exams but opted instead for computer engineering. Following my degree, I got a position at Genpact, but I couldn't join due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and I was unwilling to move to a remote location.

In light of the situation then, I started looking for other positions; that is when I discovered Data Science. Fortunately, many of my seniors pursued the same career path so I was able to seek advice from them. Once I realized how many opportunities this field offered and how important it was, I decided to be a part of it!

2. My Experience with Board Infinity

Since joining BI Data Science Course in August last year, I have gained a great deal of experience. Board Infinity has an elaborate syllabus for Data Science. Learning through the different modules, assignments, live classes, projects, quizzes was a very good experience for me. The Coach I was assigned was very knowledgeable and has helped me very patiently throughout the course. They never demotivated me even when I had silly questions to ask, I think that has contributed a lot to my success.

3. My Placement Process

Through Board Infinity, we received a 45 day long placement training. Every week, we had mock interviews. This may have been the reason why I didn't feel scared when I had my actual interview with Ugam Solutions.

We get plenty of time during placement training to do tasks and work on weak points so that we are prepared for the real thing that follows. My morale was boosted by this training. I am finally placed at Ugam as an Associate Solutions Engineer. I am happy to have taken this data science course at Board Infinity. I would also like to thank my parents for being there for me through all my phases and for always supporting me.

To the people who are going through a tough phase in their career, I want to tell them that life changes if you keep trying, it did for me and it will surely happen for you too.

"Try, try until you succeed."

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