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Choosing Data Science to Work Across a Variety of Sectors

Choosing Data Science to Work Across a Variety of Sectors

By - Ranjeet Jadhav, Board Infinity Alumni

My name is Ranjeet Jadhav. I am from Sangli, Maharashtra. I have done B.E. in Mechanical Engineering after obtaining a Diploma course in the same. My career goals were always clear and engineering was my only option. However, my interests and goals have evolved now with time and the changing job market.  

1. Early Career Journey

I completed my B.E from Sinhgad Institute of Technology, Lonavala in 2019 but sadly couldn't find any good opportunities in the field. Placements were thin in my college and after the lockdown was imposed, I didn't even get a chance to apply for any company due to the job crunch in the market.

As the lockdown had locked us in our homes, sitting idle without a job seemed extremely difficult. The urge to do something was making me surf the internet all the time curiously looking for in-demand courses.

This is when I came across Data Science.

Other than offering very high-paying jobs in the market, the best thing that Data Science offers is the opportunity to work in different sectors. It seemed like a great field to work in and so I started searching for ways to become a Data Scientist.

2. My Experience with Board Infinity

When I found out about the certification courses in Data Science, I started approaching various career-building platforms, one of them being the Board Infinity Online Data Science Course. The reason why Board Infinity was my first choice was their quick response. The kind of assistance that the team offered me was highly appreciable. Also, the kind of career support and job guarantee that Board Infinity courses offer is what sets them apart.

I joined Board Infinity in March 2020. My learning experience here has been great! The timing was also good. My classes were scheduled on the weekends, which made it extremely easy for me to do an internship and gain some work experience even during the course. The course time was extremely convenient.

The course was highly engaging and practically benefitting through projects and assignments. Our doubts were also dealt with timely, with patience, and proper attention. The regular engagements with the course helped us retain better and learn with efficiency.

Board Infinity made me feel like my input was valuable. By seeking our feedback, they made us feel extremely involved, which was another admirable aspect of this platform.

3. My Placement Process

When the placement drive arrived, my Coach, Rajinikanth Ghate helped me a lot. Also, the fact that both the coach and I have a similar academic background in Mechanical Engineering, it was really easy for me to connect with him. He trained me thoroughly for the placement and also helped me obtain an internship at Avegen as a Data Analyst in February 2021.

After doing a few months of internship, I got placed at Ugam Solutions as a Data Analyst, also through Board Infinity. They had conducted 3 rounds of interviews, wherein in the technical round, they had asked me questions related to my projects at Board Infinity and my role at Avenge. Because of the right kind of guidance that I received at Board Infinity, I was able to crack all of these rounds and finally became a Data Scientist.

I started my work with Ugam Solutions on July 13 and am very happy to finally get here with flying colors.

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