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Bringing My Career Back on Track with Data Science

Bringing My Career Back on Track with Data Science

By - Rubina Khan, Board Infinity Alumni

1. Early Career Journey

Because of my love for mathematics, I wanted to become an engineer. I even dropped out a year after graduating from high school to prepare for the IITJEE exams. I applied to NIT Srinagar with my score, but I had to withdraw because of some serious health problems. My career was halted for 6-7 months.

My name is Rubina Khan. I am from Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. After a year of dropping and withdrawing my name from NIT Srinagar, my health issues forced me to take admission to an engineering college in my hometown to study B.Tech in Computer Science. My local college could only help me with my degree and not with placement. Thus, in my third year, I started looking for certification courses and platforms that could assist me in finding a job.

We may go through various ups and downs in life. We may sometimes find ourselves in situations beyond our control. But because of these trials, I became more aware of my desire to be where I wanted to be. My career was not going how I wanted it to but I eventually got it under control.

The 2020 Lockdown had actually come as a blessing for me, as I was able to focus on preparing for my next career move. As I was browsing through various career platforms, I came across Board Infinity. The Data Science course caught my eyes. My engineering course had familiarized me with various programming languages. That background and my love for mathematics sparked my interest in this course and led me to this career path.

After going through the syllabus and looking at the affordable fee structure, I enrolled in the Data Science Course with Board Infinity in September 2020.

2. My Experience with Board Infinity

Board Infinity’s Learning Path in Data Science course helped me build all the necessary skills to enter the Data Science job industry with confidence. This place has a great team of people dedicatedly working towards building careers for so many people like me who are looking for a career change. They were highly experienced in the field and worked at great positions in a range of multinational companies. In this way, I was able to gain an understanding of the Data Science industry, which was great for landing my first job in the same field as a fresher.

Also, my program managers, Sheetal and Ghazal were very helpful. I have always been able to count on them in times of need.  The experiences offered by Board Infinity have all contributed greatly to having a satisfying experience with this course.

3. My Placement Journey

Placements depend a lot on how a person performs and what amount of seriousness they show towards their career. My grades were very good at Board Infinity.

The projects that are given to us after every module were a great addition to my CV.

I used to give my course 2-4 hours time every day as the projects, assignments, and quizzes are very engaging and they keep us involved in the course. When eClerx arrived with the position of Data Analyst.  I interviewed for the position where I was asked questions from Python and SQL majorly. The interview went pretty smoothly as I was able to answer every question very comfortably. After a week or so, I received the mail about the confirmation of my job and I was more than elated.

I see my future in Data Science. I am happy to have taken this decision at the right time. Data Science is booming with opportunities and now that I have got my break in this field, I will work very hard and aim for fast growth.

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