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Not Fit For Engineering, But More Than Fit For Data Science

Not Fit For Engineering, But More Than Fit For Data Science

By - Nihar Jamdar, Board Infinity Alumni

I was failing as an Engineer with an overall average of 50% or so. I wasn't even eligible to sit for my college placements and had absolutely no luck in getting placed from outside. Finally, changing my career field to Data Science with the help of Board Infinity turned my world upside down.

1. My Early Career Journey

My name is Nihar. After completing class 10th, I did a Diploma in Electronics Engineering as I had made up my mind to do a B.Tech later. But while I was in college pursuing B.Tech in Electronics Engineering, I realized that the field was of little interest to me, and even if I got a job, I would not get paid well. So, as soon as I graduated from college, I began learning HTML, Java, and C++ on my own to prepare for jobs in software. It was difficult to get past even the first round.

My career was in a bad shape and I had no idea what to do next. The process of changing careers isn't easy when you are doing it on your own. After I had tried everything, I approached Board Infinity and learnt about the Data Science Course and got to know about its expanding market in India.

I enrolled myself in the Data Science course once I was sure about making this career change, looking at the future.

2. Experience with Board Infinity

Learning with Board Infinity was great for me! The simple style of teaching by industry experts worked really well for me. Scheduling doubt-clearing sessions besides the classes really helped me to make a strong base of Data Science concepts as a fresher. Board Infinity's course structure including quizzes, exams, projects, 1:1 sessions after course completion was all so helpful and contributed towards 360-degree learning of the subject.  

Along with this, with the help of my program managers, I was able to decide which type of Data Science role would suit me. I would especially like to mention Mukul Gupta and Varneet, who helped me to prepare for my interviews by providing the right mentorship.

3. My Placement at Ugam Solutions

My placement round went really well with Ugam Solutions. I was posed with questions related to Python and SQL. Because of decent knowledge and good math skills,  I was able to get myself through the 2 technical rounds of interviews. The case study and projects that I had done at Board Infinity had contributed greatly to skill and knowledge building. Finally, I got placed at Ugam Solutions as their Associate Analyst at a good salary package.

This means a lot to me after 2.5 years of stress of not getting placed. Till my placement day, I was under constant pressure from everybody, including my juniors who were getting placed while I was still clueless about my career. But, through the right and timely decisions and hard work, I am very satisfied with starting my first job.

I am looking forward to a great career journey and also learning more in my free time to build my skills and get better at what I do.

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