From Trading & Investment To Data Science: I Could Draw The Parallels Between The Two

From Trading & Investment To Data Science: I Could Draw The Parallels Between The Two

Blog | Board Infinity
Blog | Board Infinity

By - Arjun Sajeevan, Board Infinity Alumni

1. My Early Career Life

My name is Arjun Sanjeevan and I am from Kerala. In 2014, I went to Mangalore to study B.E. in Electronics & Communications from Mangalore Institute of Technology. However, halfway through my engineering degree, I realized that the field didn’t make me feel curious and I had made up my mind to change my line. Post-college, I decided to prepare for Civil Services Exams and invested my one and a half years into it. Unfortunately, like many others, I couldn’t crack it and had to search for another passion!

I switched to Trading & Investment one year ago and it had got me interested for one year.

However, last year, one of my friends introduced me to the Data Science field. Hearing about Machine Learning and other Data Science concepts got me very interested in the field. Also, it’s similar to trading in the sense that we analyze past data and predict the future and this Machine Learning algorithm could be applied in trading as well.

2. My Journey with Board Infinity

In November 2020, I joined Board Infinity after searching for a suitable course on the internet.

As someone who is more self-taught, I was drawn to the Data Science Course at Board Infinity since it gave me a sense of direction and what to study. The classes at Board Infinity were helpful in guiding me as the Data Science course structure is very inclusive here. They introduce you to Excel, Tableau, SQL, and everything one needs to learn to enter the Data Science industry.

To succeed in anything, you need to be passionate about it. Coaching or teachers cannot help you master something unless you are 100% committed to it. The first three months of the course I was slack, but in the last three months, I worked very hard to develop my Data Science expertise.

Apart from the classes, the Boot Camp organized by Board Infinity was very helpful too. It was Coach Tilak who helped me get the most out of it, and I cannot thank him enough!

The projects given to me by Board Infinity have allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of Data Science. It was super helpful that there were 1:1 evaluations for the projects as before this I had no one to assist me or clear up my doubts if I got stuck. Aside from teaching me coding, Board Infinity introduced me to different platforms where I could improve my understanding of it.

3. I Got Placed in Ugam Solutions

Practicing regularly and receiving feedback helped me master SQL and make it through the interview. In my interview with Ugam Solutions, however, the topic of Machine Learning was more prominent than SQL for the role of Consultant. As I had studied for quite some time, I was able to answer the questions appropriately and got placed at Ugam Solutions as a Consultant.

Board Infinity has given me a solid foundation for my career. Learning Data Science has been a great experience for me. It is a field bursting with opportunities. Currently, I do not have the big picture in mind as I have just started out, but I look forward to making the most of my time as a Consultant at Ugam Solutions.

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