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My Journey From Btech to MBA to Now Working as a Data Analyst

My Journey From Btech to MBA to Now Working as a Data Analyst

By - Akash Mondal, Board Infinity Alumni

1. Early Career Journey

My name is Akash Mondal. I was born and brought up in Kolkata. I wouldn't count myself amongst the studious kids in my class as sports was my first love, but I wasn't bad either.

When I passed the school, I decided to go for engineering, B.Tech in Computer Science from Heritage Institute of Technology in Kolkata. I performed well in my graduation and passed with flying colors. However, when companies arrived for placement, I decided to withdraw my name as most of these companies were only recruiting students who would sign a 3-year bond with them.

I had plans. I wanted to pursue higher studies and a bond like that would have deferred my chances of pursuing an M.Tech or an MBA. I took CAT and got admitted to International Centre for Advanced Studies & Research in Haryana to pursue my MBA degree. I graduated with my MBA degree this year itself.

In January, I came across Data Science on the internet and read about its boom in the coming years. After learning that Data is the new gold and how the market will only expand in the near future, I decided to consider this as my career option.

I am often asked about my decision to again go for a career option in the tech industry after pursuing an MBA. This may seem a little odd right now but I believe in terms of Data Science, MBA is only going to help me in this field as it demands knowledge of both the technical and the business fields.

So with such thoughts in my mind, I went ahead and enrolled in Board Infinity's Learning Path in Data Science course. I must say, it was the best decision that I ever took!

2. My Journey with Board Infinity

During my time at Board Infinity, I have learned a lot of new things. The classes with industry best coaches were very insightful and delivered on our expectations as job-seeking individuals who were stepping into the Data Science field as freshers.

It was very helpful to be trained by working professionals as they know the industry better than anyone and are updated about the skill requirements of the time. This enabled us to learn with a better understanding of the industry standards and helped us acquire the skills needed to get selected for the Data Science jobs we were applying for.

3. Placement Journey

For my placements, I had already started revising all the modules that were taught to us and of course the projects that I had worked upon. Before my placement preparation could officially start, Ugam Solutions arrived with the role of a Data Analyst. It was the first company that I sat for.

Fortunately, I was able to answer everything satisfactorily that was asked in the interview. Thanks to my projects I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Working on these projects helped me develop a good understanding of SQL & Python.

Through these experiences, I was able to explain to my recruiters what I would offer to the company. The interview didn't seem tough as I had prepared well and I finally got hired by Ugam Solutions.

Although I was from a Computer Science background, I had to start here from scratch. There were modules that were completely unknown to me. However, through excellent guidance at Board Infinity, I was able to grasp everything so well. Now that I am placed, every struggle seems worth it, and I am really enjoying what I do.

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