Chose Data Science After a Career Gap

Chose Data Science After a Career Gap

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By - Komal Singh, Board Infinity Alumni

1. My Early Career Journey

My name is Komal Singh. I am from Hapur, Uttar Pradesh. In 2014, my interest in science & technology led me to join in Computer Science at the Hi-tech Institute of Engineering and Technology in Ghaziabad.

Upon graduating, I didn’t take any placements as I wanted to go for further training in Java and android development.  Later, I had joined Coral Telecom in Noida as a Research Analyst. However, due to a serious health issue in 2019, I decided to take a complete break from my career and gave myself some time to heal.

When after 7-8 months I decided to get myself back into the field, I came across an ad on Facebook about the Data Science course at Board Infinity. Upon going through the syllabus, I felt like something I could do as I was well-versed in programming languages like Java and I was always eager to learn newer things. Also, the Data Science and Data Engineer fields are highly promising fields that are going to grow enormously in the future.  

2. My Journey with Board Infinity

I enrolled myself in the learning path Data Science course with the dream to settle down in a good company and I can say with full conviction today that I took the right decision. This course with Board Infinity made me extremely capable of becoming successful in the Data Science field. The course was taught really well by extremely capable teaching experts. Coach Anil Chandra Naidu Matcha for Deep Learning taught us in a manner that the concepts formed a strong base in our minds. He could always cross-check with us if we had gotten everything clear and that’s something rare to find in higher education coaching these days.

With the guidance of coaches like Akhil Thimmaiah, Gowtham Kumar Jayachandran, Samir Mathur, and Shreyas S, I was able to form a perfect base for my kickstart in the Data Science career by honing my Programming skills, knowledge of machine learning algorithms, and deep learning as well. Apart from the regular classes, even the Hackathons and Webinars on Power BI, Alteryx and Rasa & Dialog Flow Chatbots, etc. were very helpful in developing a full-round knowledge of the data science field. Along with the ideal structure of the course and how it was being taught to us, my hard work combined with smart work brought me fruitful results.

It’d be highly unfair if I do not mention my Program Managers Somu Barua, Ananya Kumar both of who have been extremely supportive throughout my course and responded quickly to any doubts.

I am someone who is extremely careful about her career choices and where my life is heading. So, before interviewing for companies, I wanted to build confidence and so I used to assess my skills through Hackathons.

3. Placement Journey

When I started applying for placements, I used to clear all the rounds, except for the finals rounds and after a point of time, it become very demotivating. It was extremely a topsy-turvy ride for me as when I finally cleared my first company, they put 14-15 people who were shortlisted on hold and we never heard from them again. It was becoming very depressing. Thankfully, Board Infinity came to our rescue once again and organized a  SQL and Data Engineer BootCamp, where we got to learn additionally that too without paying any fees.

As I completed the Bootcamp, Genpact luckily was hiring for a Data Engineer role. My Program Manager connected me to the recruiters and scheduled my interview with them. There were two rounds of interviews -  Technical Round and Communication Round.

The recruiters asked me questions from SQL, Python, and Machine Learning, all of which I had mastered during my time at Board Infinity. Finally, after a long period of working on my skills, I got selected for the role of Senior Associate Data Engineer at Genpact. The 3rd of September was my first working day at my company and I can say that I am very happy to be working here.

Board Infinity’s curriculum and top-notch teaching material and the way it was taught had a great impact on me. I started taking my career seriously after I came to know about the scope of the Data Science and Data Engineer field from the coaches here. And, I can say that now there is no looking back from here.

Apart from this, a big thanks to Mukul Gupta, Category Manager at Board Infinity for his support and guidance at every point. I am also extremely grateful for a supportive family who has been the wind beneath my wings as I fly high.

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