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Getting Back From A 4.5-Year Career Break

Getting Back From A 4.5-Year Career Break

By - Arvind Singh Rawat, Board Infinity Alumni

1. My Background

Let me start from the beginning, before I had taken a 4.5-year career break.

I was just like most engineering graduates. I had just finished my B.Tech (ECE) and I was starting to prepare for government & defence exams.


Because I was really interested in Defence. I come from an army background, which means that my grandfather, father, and brother have all been a part of the army. So it only seemed natural that I should go for it as well and I genuinely wanted to.

But sadly I just couldn’t crack the exams.

I was pretty devastated. I didn’t really know what else to do, so I just took up a part-time job at a BPO since I didn’t want to stay unemployed. Meanwhile, I was also looking for a way out of this rut.

I had joined this BPO to support my further preparations, but I just wasn’t able to see any way out and I ended up spending the past 4.5 years working here.

2. Why Data Science?

Last year I came across Board Infinity’s website & I started to explore their learning paths. Now, I just had to decide which course I wanted to enrol on.

I was never interested in the marketing industry so digital marketing was completely out of the question. Another option was the full-stack development course and one of my friends was enrolled in this. He had a lot of good things to say about the course, but it just didn’t feel like my cup of tea. I never really was very interested in hardcore coding. My third option was data science. I had been doing some research in this field beforehand & it seemed very interesting to me.

But for some reason, I just didn’t enrol in the course at that time. Maybe it’s because I was scared that I couldn’t keep up with the course. The fact was that even though I was an engineer, I hadn’t stayed in touch with my studies for the past 4.5 years. My interest in this course started to decrease, and I ended up just not taking any action for a few months.

Suddenly the pandemic hit and working from home became the new normal. The kind of job that I’m working for doesn’t require huge amounts of effort so I thought that I should be utilizing this time better.

I did some more research into the course and found that the courses would be started from scratch and could be done by anyone regardless of their background. Realistically, I didn’t have much to lose, if things turned out good then I would have a different & better career. This gave me a sense of relief and I immediately enrolled in the course.

3. Experience at Board Infinity

The course has been going on for the past 4 months, and so far it has been a very good experience. Enrolling in this Data Science course is probably the best investment I made since B.Tech wasn’t really my choice.

I’m at a stage in my career where I feel that it’s high time I start focusing on productive things. In fact, even now I’m not worried about getting a job after the course… I’m just happy to be able to learn a new skill. I’m extremely confident that in 6 months I’ll be able to brush up on the skills that are being taught in this course & manage to secure a career in this field.

As for the content of the course, the best thing about it is that it’s very structured. After every lecture, a quiz is conducted which helps to reiterate the theory. Assignments are also given to us which helps us increase our practical knowledge and the exams are also conducted very systematically.

Even during this pandemic, when most of my friends have been very lethargic with their careers, this course has kept me in check & created a discipline in my life.

I don’t regret investing in this course and I’m very happy that I did. In the past 4 months, I’ve honestly learned more than I expected and the support provided has been more than I paid for. I didn’t expect that I would get this much amount of support from a private institution. Especially with the whole online learning format.

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