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Following My Passion for Machine Learning!

Following My Passion for Machine Learning!

By - Myron Britto, Board Infinity Alumni

1. My Background

In my final year of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering, I did my project on Electromyography-based Gesture recognition and control which required me to learn a few concepts of Machine Learning.

After completing my final year project, I was so intrigued by Machine learning that I started to look for institutes or courses within Goa that could teach me these concepts.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to find any good ones. Eventually, after my graduation, I stopped looking for such institutes and started looking for job opportunities.

I was lucky enough to find an off-campus interview opportunity for TCS. I went for it and got selected to work as a Java Developer in TCS, Mumbai.

After moving to a completely new state... I got extremely busy with my work, finding my direction, and settling into a completely new environment.

2. How I Got into Data Science?

1 year went by and my spark of learning Data science & Machine learning was pretty much extinguished at this point. Suddenly in March, I received this call from an institute, it was called Board Infinity. I hadn’t ever heard of them and I was pretty sceptical about their whole online learning process.

I decided to check out their physical office in Mumbai, and I was convinced. It was like someone placed the right opportunity in front of me after a year. I just jumped at it.

3. Experience at Board Infinity

Along with working at TCS, I also started taking Board Infinity’s Data Science classes side-by-side.

Board Infinity’s Data Science learning path focused more on hands-on experience & had a lot of assignments. I had to keep researching various methods to solve the assignments, this led me to explore more whenever I had some free time & exposed me to a lot of practical experience. This kind of hands-on teaching allowed me to accelerate my learning rate by a lot.

The Board Infinity experience was just completely different from whatever I had been exposed to until then. The coaches were very experienced and had a tremendous amount of knowledge in their respective sectors.  It was also very easy to get my doubts cleared from them (they were just a message away) and interact with them.

By the end of the course, I was actually able to get an offer from a company in Mumbai. But due to the entire COVID-19 situation, they put their hiring process on hold. After the lockdown was almost over with the company wanted quick joiners but due to my notice period, this was not possible.

I am currently working at TCS, Mumbai. But I’m still learning new concepts of machine learning and practicing them & growing in the field that I’m passionate about.

I truly believe that the students who want to accelerate their careers and keep learning must have a look at the different courses that Board Infinity offers.

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