From Drop Year To Getting a Successful Job as a Data Analyst

From Drop Year To Getting a Successful Job as a Data Analyst

Blog | Board Infinity
Blog | Board Infinity

By - Rahul Patel, Board Infinity Alumni

Hey, Hope you are doing good today! In this blog, I am going to share my career journey. I will share how even after dropping year I broke into the field of Data Science.

Let start...

Early Career Background

I was born in Raigarh where I live currently. I live with my parents which consist of my mother, my father, and my sister. My sister is currently preparing for the NEET exam.

During my schooling years, I was not interested at all in my studies. Till 10th grade, I had no idea what to do with my career. In 11th grade, however, I got a reality check when I failed my class. I had to repeat the year and I was distraught. At that moment, I realized, something needs to change. I started researching and preparing for examinations. That was the time when I made the decision to take things seriously. I worked on myself and changed my mindset and attitude towards my career. To bring about these changes, I started to brush up on my basics and studied what was important at that time. The teachers were humble enough to assist me on more than one occasion. I then went on to pursue my B.Tech from Lovely Professional University.

In my second year, before moving onto the 3rd year, I had an opportunity to select a particular domain as my major. I had options of cybersecurity, IoT, Android development. I came across data science as one of the options there. I knew this was going to be new to me but it felt like something interesting. I then googled data science and came across this quote — that it was the sexiest job of the 21st century. In addition to that, I also possess basic knowledge of excel, SQL and that pulled me to take up data science course at Board Infinity.

Experience at Board Infinity

My experience with Board Infinity was really good. From the initial process, I started to learn Excel, SQL, Tableau, and technologies which prepared me to work in the data science domain. I also participated in various hackathons, took part in quizzes which elevated my learning experience.

From the onset, the coaches are extremely professional and experienced. They were clear on what needs to be taught and they helped solve our doubts in no time. At Board Infinity, Rajnikant sir guided me a lot. He helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and steered me on the right path. Rajnikant also prepared me for upcoming interviews that I would face in the near future.

Learning online was not challenging and it was a very smooth process for me. If one is dedicated to learning what the coaches are teaching, you will benefit a lot.

Placement Process

Coming to placements, there were 3 rounds. In the first round, I was faced with a test of answering technical questions related to Python, Tableau, SQL, etc. I managed to clear the first round. Post that, I had an interview with the CEO of the company. The CEO was focused on problem-solving and my projects. The last round too was a technical round. In this round, the level of difficulty was taken up a notch as the questions were more intensive. However, my skills and experience at Board Infinity helped me clear the interview and get the job at Avegen.

Right now, my role is that of a data analyst. My job involves looking at an app where data is generated for the company and I have to overlook the backend. As a data analyst, I am responsible to analyse and visualize the hidden patterns and report them to our higher authorities to make better business decisions. I am really liking this job role. My coach rightly identified and mentioned that I should pursue a data analyst role. To get a job where I am doing something that I love, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

My most memorable experience during this entire process was when I got selected for the job at Avegen. It was great to see whatever hard work I put in paid off in the end.

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