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Tips for a Video Interview (Skype/Zoom Interview)

Tips for a Video Interview (Skype/Zoom Interview)

Skype is now used widely as an interview method because of its cost-effectiveness and ease of use.

This enables recruiters to interview candidates who have geographical limitations. This is also a great tool when the top management decides to interact with the selected candidate, and when time is a limitation. Sitting and talking in front of a camera can be overwhelming, and more so a bit stressful for the candidate.

Since everything is virtual, the recruiter is unable to gauge any non-verbal cues of the candidate. Let’s look at a list of tips to crack a Skype interview.

1. Call Details

You need to be aware of all the details that are important for the Skype call to take place. Suppose, the recruiter is from a different time zone, you need to check the time difference and accordingly agree to a suitable time. This is important, especially so that you don’t mix up the time zones and end up being late for the interview. Since it is pre-decided, you should know who will initiate the call. Usually, the recruiter calls but gets it clarified to avoid a lot of waiting time. Having a plan B is also very important, in case there are some issues with call connecting. Be prepared for a phone interview as backup, and exchange numbers with proper country codes if the call is international.

2. Proof Check Your Profile

Your profile needs to be complete and should look professional. Start with your profile name. Follow a standard nomenclature of firstname_lastname or vice versa. Avoid using adjectives or slang like cool, nerd, bookworm, etc. in your profile name. Check your profile privacy settings. Keep it ‘public’ so that the recruiter may be able to contact you. Keep a professional profile picture that has a picture of yours against a white background preferably. Avoid putting up party pictures, vacation pictures, etc. Set your status to ‘available’ so that the caller knows you’re free and ready to take the call. Check your profile thoroughly before adding the caller’s contact to your list.

3. Technical Check

There needs to be a thorough technical check performed before the Skype interview. First of all, check if your WiFi signal is strong and is working. Sit close by so that no signal fluctuations can affect your call quality. If possible, keep a LAN cable handy for emergency purposes to connect the laptop to your Wifi router directly. Check if your Skype audio is clear and is functioning by checking the mic. There should not be any echo happening. Similarly, check for video clarity. You should be sitting in a well-lit place so that video transmission is clearly visible. Always use a headset/earphones with a mic preferably, so that there is no echo and call clarity is maintained. Always do a test Skype call with a friend or a family member to test everything out.

4. Appearance

Your appearance is just as important as it would be if you had attended a face-to-face interview. Everything about the Skype call also remains the same. You need to dress formally and need to look neat and crisp. You will definitely score brownie points. Keep your speech clear and slow. This will iron out any voice lags that are happening if any. Try not to talk too animatedly, because not all movements can be seen clearly. You stand a chance to be misunderstood. Be wary and keep your hands folded or on your side. Look straight into the camera as much as possible and don’t get distracted by your image on the screen.

Last but not least, make sure you’re sitting in a bright place that is well-lit. Also, ensure that there is no background noise. Request your family members, if present, to remain silent for some time. Keep a note nearby to take down important points.

Follow all this and you’re great to go!

Skype away!

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