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Moving from working at a BPO to eClerx as a Process Manager with a 12 LPA package

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By - Indranil Laskar, Board Infinity Alumni

My name is Indranil Laskar. By qualification, I am a graduate in Electronics Engineering. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to continue my career in the same field for a variety of reasons.

Following my graduate degree, I started working in the BPO sector. However, the tech-lover in me wanted to get back into the technical field, but nothing was working in my favor.

Career Struggle

Thankfully, careers related to data were picking up speed in the market, it piqued my interest.
As I was looking for opportunities to get back into the field of technology, I came across a course in AI & ML. Although it was from a well-regarded institute, there was no solid placement support as the exam requirements were tough for an entry level, which kept me from getting placed.

Although I failed in my first attempt to get back into the career of my choice, I had already decided this was the field I wanted to pursue, which helped me persevere. Fortunately, I came across Board Infinity's Data Science course. The counselors provided me with information regarding course offerings. There were two things that sounded perfect to me: 1) a cash-back guarantee if things didn't go your way, and 2) a placement guarantee. There was no hesitation on my part in getting onboard and joining the course, and before I knew it, I made my decision.

Although I had not completely overcome my fear of failure, I knew I did not want to give up what I had picked up. I did not want to spend too much time in the BPO sector.

Additionally, I was intrigued by Data Science, AI & ML because every solution was unique and the way things were programmed was fascinating to me. This field requires a lot of thinking work and I enjoy being imaginative. My life would have been different if this thing had come earlier in life. Nevertheless, I'm glad it happened.

Experience with Board Infinity

Taking the Data Science Course at Board Infinity is a great way to start your career in the Data Science field. Coaches at Board Infinity taught in an easy-to-understand manner, and they were readily available if I needed assistance. One of the best things about this course was that it was conducted LIVE rather than through recorded videos. So if we had doubts, we could clear them instantly with the coaches. Therefore, it wasn't difficult for a fresher to complete the course.

Out of all the modules, Python learning took a little more time because of the coding component. I developed hands-on Python skills by working on projects. In addition to linear regression projects and NLP techniques, I worked on computer vision projects as well. Coding was one of the challenges I faced when working on these projects. But with constant help from the coaches, I was able to hone the skills!

Placement Journey

My resume was then circulated across several companies by Board Infinity's placement department. Fortunately, there was a need for freshers among companies. I was interviewed by the VP of eClerx after my profile was forwarded to him. This was a great effort from Board Infinity and Mukul that they went an extra mile to make this happen for me.

My interviewer asked about my previous experience and my involvement in Data Science projects. I was assessed by explaining my logic for solving the problems. My interviews with the managers also went great - I had the chance to discuss my challenges, demonstrate my knowledge of data science, and my creative thinking.

As a result of my constant hard work and self-belief, along with the support of Board Infinity, I got the job! I am now placed at eClerx as a Process Manager with a salary package of 12 LPA.

Message for you

Those who are making this transition should put in a lot of effort if they have chosen this field. Understanding the logic behind things will automatically lead to the solution. The importance of practical knowledge cannot be overstated. Having a good grasp of the concepts will make everything easier.

It is very important to have a mentor during career transition. At Board Infinity, Mukul was one of the best coordinators we had. Coaches were quite good at what they did. Not only did they teach, but they also gave us tips & tricks for cracking interviews. In addition to the technical skills you need, I understand that a good ability to communicate will help you to pass 50% of the interviews you attend.

Answer with confidence. Honesty is the best policy if you don't know something.

Thank you so much Board Infinity for making this transition easier for me.

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