How To Prepare for Placement Season Effectively

How To Prepare for Placement Season Effectively

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In a few months, the most opportune and dreaded season will be here-the placement season.

All students look forward to it and are waiting for it with utmost hope and a tad bit stress.

It’s a survival of the worthiest and hence, you need to be prepared for it. Only if you are prepared, will you be able to avail the maximum benefit of this fruitful season.

Let’s look at how to prepare for campus placement from scratch and stay ahead of the competition.

Revise your basics

The first thing interviewers will check in the interview is your basic knowledge of all theoretical concepts. Your knowledge regarding all the engineering topics needs to be sound. Keep all your notes in good condition so that you can go through them whenever needed.

Don’t resort to rote learning at the last minute, it won’t help you. Instead, chart out a timetable and keep revising at your pace till the placements start.

Specialize in a subject

You will be specializing in your final year of graduation. Make sure you know about your specialization a bit more than the rest of your subjects.

Normally, interviewers will ask you about it more compared to the others because you have studied this in-depth.

If you have a general topic which you feel confident about, read more deeply into the topics and make that as your niche.

Solve aptitude tests

Aptitude tests are where maximum candidates lose out their candidature. These tests are a great way to eliminate candidates when there are a lot of them present, and these tests are commonly taken by top companies today.

A lot of students fear these tests for the same reason-inability to solve all the questions correctly. The key to this is nothing but consistent practice.

Now that you have a few months in hand, practice giving aptitude tests and getting them checked for feedback. By consistently practicing for them, you won’t have any jitters during the actual test.

Communication skills

One of the more essential soft skills out there that is a compulsion for all graduates. When you start with your professional life, everything revolves around effective communication. You need to improve it slowly and steadily.

You can start reading newspapers every day, practice keeping a diary and journaling. This will improve your language skills as well as your writing skills. Make a habit of always thinking carefully before speaking so that you can articulate yourself in the best possible way.

Mentally track yourself and you will surely notice the difference in a span of one month itself!

Market yourself

You need to be prepared with an elevator pitch.

You need to be able to talk about yourself relevantly in about 1 minute and pitch yourself to the person for a job. This level of preparation is what you need to aim for.

You should build a portfolio of all the projects, internships, research articles etc. that you have ever done and which you want to showcase to your future employer. If you don’t have many, then now is the right time to start building a marketable portfolio.

Start with asking yourself simple questions like:

  • What are my values and ideals?  
  • Why am I fit for a role like this?
  • How can I add value to the organization I will be a part of?

Before you move on to the last point of the blog, Watch this video!

Mock interviews

This is perhaps the most important point.

If you’re nervous or stressed about sitting for interviews, then you need to sign up for career counselling where you will be guided on how to appear for interviews and how to clear them with confidence. Sometimes, taking an expert’s help can aid you to overcome the fear of attending interviews.

Practice for all rounds of interviews and work on the feedback. When it’s time, you will be absolutely ready for the placement season!

If you want to learn more on how to prepare for placements, check out Board Infinity's completely free placement preparation courses on Resume Building, Interview Preparation, GD Preparation, Grooming and Etiquette Training, Aptitude Test Preparation.

If you follow these tips then you will stay far ahead of your competition.

Good luck!

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