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Sourabh’s Journey From Mechanical Engineering to Data Science

Sourabh’s Journey From Mechanical Engineering to Data Science

By - Sourabh Daphale, Board Infinity Alumni

Mechanical engineering has been my dream since childhood. You can say that my interest was spiked in this particular field due to our family-run business of car service workshops in Aurangabad.

My Early Career Journey

As soon as I finished school, I went on to pursue a Diploma degree in Mechanical Engineering. Following my diploma, I enrolled in the Maharashtra Institute of Technology in Aurangabad to do a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering.

Until my last semester, my ambition to become a mechanical engineer was crystal clear. In 2020, however, exposure to artificial intelligence and big data through a project made me curious about automation and machines interacting with one another. I was interested in learning more, so I applied to IIT Bombay for a Machine Learning Intelligence Program. During this internship, I was sure of my interest in the fields of data, AI, and machine learning and that I was going to pursue a totally new career path.

I explored a number of career platforms for career transition, but Board Infinity's curriculum seemed to be precisely what I wanted and also fit my budget. As a result, I enrolled in the Learning Path in Data Science Online Course in December 2020.

Learning with Board Infinity

The course began with Excel and basic mathematics, which enabled me to get on with the course quickly and as a fresher, I had ample time to catch up with the course since it followed a curriculum designed for freshers.

It was easy to gain hands-on experience with Python programming and other modules as the course included projects and assignments.

For someone like me, coming from a Tier-2 city, this online course was very useful, as I had access to industry professionals. Our coaches at Board Infinity were great at teaching and promptly answering our questions.

Placement Journey

Genpact interviewed me for a position of Data Analyst when our placement training began. There were two rounds of interviews - technical and managerial.

My knowledge of Python and SQL, as well as communication skills, enabled me to get the job. Also, my ability to learn quickly impressed the recruiters, since I came from a totally different background, but thanks to Board Infinity, I was able to learn Data Science skills in a very short amount of time.

The placement training I received from Board Infinity was very helpful, and the projects I worked on here were very relevant to my interviews.

My decision to pursue Data Science was the right one for me. The demand for these skills will only grow as this field has a very bright future. I'm excited to begin working in this field. A role involving Machine Learning at its core would appeal to me in the future. When I have acquired enough experience, I intend to explore machine learning as part of my career.

Thank you to Board Infinity for assisting me in my career transition and to my family, who have always supported my career decisions.

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