Top 5 Inspirational Success Stories Of Our Data Science Learners

Top 5 Inspirational Success Stories Of Our Data Science Learners

Blog | Board Infinity
Blog | Board Infinity

1. A Successful Data Scientist from Non-technical Background

By - Soumya Khanduri

Hello! My name is Soumya Khanduri. My career began with a Physiotherapy course at Amity University Approximately 6.5 years were required to complete this course. It became apparent to me after 1-2 years on the course that it is not for me.  Therefore, I decided to pursue an MBA.

Upon completing my MBA I was placed at ICICI Bank in a Sales role. Later, I joined a healthcare startup in Hyderabad. Sadly, I had to let go of my job due to unfavorable market conditions during the pandemic.

I Enroll with Board Infinity for the Data Science Course because I needed Certification to prove my Skills when applying for my dream organizations. I had a great learning experience at Board Infinity! The faculty assigned to teach at the ground level helped me solidify my concepts. It was great to have 1-on-1 sessions with our coaches!

Thanks to Board Infinity's placement drive, I am happily employed at Ugam Solutions now as an Analyst and I am finally doing what I wanted to do!

2. From a Data Science Fresher to a Data Analyst at Genpact: Passion is the key

By -  Nikhil Waghalkar

I am Nikhil. When I enrolled in the Data Science course at Board Infinity, I had zero subject knowledge. Currently, as I write this, I am waiting for my offer letter from Genpact for a Data Analyst role in 7 months since enrolling in the Data Science course with Board Infinity.

In January 2021, I enrolled myself in the Data Science course with Board Infinity, and ever since then, I have dedicated myself to learning everything related to Data Science.

My learning experience with Board Infinity has been fantastic. Team Board Infinity has been very helpful in guiding me towards my career, explaining every step of the course, and coaching me. Despite being a freshman, the structure of the course was so well constructed that it did not seem challenging at all.  Before enrolling in this course, I had no programming experience, but now I can code in Python. My coach was always available to answer any questions I had, and they responded instantly.

I was surprised when Genpact showed up to recruit before my placement training could begin. I got a job at Genpact as a Data Analyst and reached the first milestone of pursuing this course.

3. Having failed to find a relevant position in Finance, I switched to Data Science

By - Mohammed Sohail Anwar

My name is Mohammed Sohail. In 2014, I joined Bharti Degree College to pursue B.Com Hons, following which I also pursued an MBA degree in Finance from Osmania University.

The Data Science Course with Board Infinity provided a placement guarantee on top of personalized coaching from industry experts. Therefore, I approached them. I was pleased to finally come across a platform that spoke of placement guarantees and not just placement assistance.

The coaches, program managers, and other members of BI were extremely helpful. Through the course, I received excellent assistance from my program managers, Ananya and Faizan. They have always come up with a solution whenever I have faced a challenge.

This Data Science course would not have been possible without the classes taught by coaches Ayushman and Darshan Ingle. Even though I was a fresher, I developed a deep understanding of the tools used in Data Science. All thanks to these coaches!

When the placements arrived, initially I wasn't very confident about my technical skills and the kind of questions asked in an interview. Through interview preparations offered by Board Infinity and facing 1-2 interviews, I developed an understanding of the type of questions and behaviour in an interview and also developed confidence. I cracked the Genpact interview through the knowledge I had gained through this Data Science course.

4. An unexpected career transition from Bachelor of Arts to Data Science: Thanmai Sai, a Data Engineer at Genpact

By - Thanmai Sai

My name is Thanmai Sai. Until my 12th grade, I had studied Science with Biology as my major, but because of an interest in Social Science, I went on to study Bachelors of Arts with History, Public Administration, and Geography in college.


Since all of my friends are working in the IT sector, I was suggested Data Science by one of them.  

So, with the belief in myself, I decided to schedule my career counseling with Board Infinity. Initially, I hesitated to step into a field that was completely unknown to me but the right guidance helped me convince myself that this might be the profession for me.  I  also took micro-learning courses in Python and Data Science from Board Infinity to gain some knowledge, and I read many success stories before deciding to pursue the career.

Finally, I joined the Learning Path in Data Science course by Board Infinity to start my career in Data Science.

Board Infinity's coaches are extremely professional and helpful. Best of all, they understand the mental space of a student and teach concepts accordingly. It is taught in such a way that any individual, no matter how experienced or inexperienced, can grasp the concepts equally well.  

The planning of the placement preparation sessions was excellent. I was assisted by the coach in building my resume and strengthening my LinkedIn profile to help me apply for jobs according to my interests.

As a result, I was hired by Genpact as a Data Engineer despite having no technical experience. The day when I received my job confirmation was the best day of my life, and I can honestly say that I have never been so proud of myself before!

5. From Diploma in Electrical Engineering to Becoming a Data Analyst Consultant at Ugam Solutions

By - Kumar Ankit

My name is Ankit. I have done Diploma in Electrical Engineering. Following my degree, I started working in ZF WABCO India Ltd. where I was a Line Lead for 3 years. In 2020, I resigned from my job as I felt the need to do something better with my career because I felt that I had stopped growing.

Data Science being a trendy career caught my attention. I had made registrations at Board Infinity for the Data Science Course. I got a call from Darshan Kothawade. My consultation with him went really well. He informed me about the Data Science field, its aspects, and future market. After this consultation, I was confident to start my Data Science journey with Board Infinity.

The Board Infinity Data Science course is a well-structured one. After each module, we are assigned assignments, projects and a quiz is conducted to test our understanding.

I also received guidance during my pre-placement phase, where the coach helped me with perfecting my resume, preparing me for the interviews, and trained me how to tackle questions.

If I had to rate my experience at Board Infinity, I would give it a 9.5/10.

When Ugam Solution arrived with its Data Analyst Consultant position. By then, I had worked really hard to get into this career field. I dedicated 10-12 hours of self-study every day to develop my practical knowledge of the field.

My hard work paid off and I got hired by Ugam Solutions and I am extremely happy.  It's a great chance for me to grow through my experiences.

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