Why to choose a career in Analytics

Why to choose a career in Analytics?

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Geetanjali Bisht has around 2 yrs of experience as analytics professional and, currently works as a Senior Data Analyst at Subex. She did her graduation in Economics & Statistics and, her post graduation in BigData Analytics from S.P. Jain. Her knack for problem solving has helped her ace in this field.
In a short interview, Geetanjali shares about the evolution of analytics and, what it takes to be a valuable data analyst.

  1. What skills are required for a fresher to be a Data Analyst?
    For a fresher, knowledge about R, Python, SQL are considered to start a career as a data analyst. However, Statistical & Mathematical knowledge, understanding Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and thought process behind is necessary to become a good data analyst.
  2. What kind of opportunities does Subex provides to the Entry Level Talent?
    We provide internship opportunities to final year students, which is usually for 3-6 months duration. We do hire freshers and candidates with 2-3 years of experience.
  3. Do you think Non Engineers can perform well in Analytics?
    Yes absolutely. Analytics industry demand minds from different background. They look for the knowledge and skill sets irrespective of the degree.This also helps to build diverse mindset & culture across the workspace. More than the degree it’s about the knowledge a person has & the flair to solve a problem. The role of Data Analyst involves both technical and non-technical aspects so generally there is no barrier to hire the right person.
  4. What kind of projects does Subex works upon with the clients?
    We do a lot of projects with the telecom industries. This industry has a lot of data so we provide them with analytical solutions. Subex takes different projects across the globe. We have worked on Customer Attrition, Call Network Analysis & many more.
  5. How do you see Analytics evolving in India and across the globe?
    In early days, SAS/SQL considered to be an important tool for analytics. Now we have R, Python, Hadoop, Spark & many other technologies. India is a growing economy, where the number of data analyst and data scientist is increasing day by day. There have been a lot of achievements in analytics and data science like the creation of the first AI human robot. Almost all the big companies like Facebook, Google uses technologies like AI, Machine Learning. Not just that even banks & financial firm have setup their own Analytics department. So, in the coming years we will see more development&
    opportunity in this area.

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