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Analytics Recruitment Scenarios

Analytics Recruitment Scenarios

Subex Ltd is a Telecomm Analytics Solutions provider for World’s top 50 Telecos . Partnering with World’s leading Telecomm Enterprises, Subex drives new Business models, enhance the Customer Experience, and optimize the Enterprise.

Immanuel Bratley Wycliffe is a Talent Specialist having around 4 years in Analytics recruitment across all the levels and different Domains. He specializes in hiring talent for Data Sciences, Data and Statistical Analytics roles working on AI, ML and Deep learning technologies. Currently he is leading the Analytics recruitment for Subex Ltd.

In a conversation with Immanuel, he shares on the Different Challenges of Hiring, Skill Gaps and about Subex.

  1. As a Talent Specialist, what are the Challenges you come across while hiring an Entry Level Talent?
    Not everyone we interview is skilled individual. SQL is the base of Analytics and we find most of the candidates lacking in this especially someone who is not from a premier Institute. Still few are exceptions. We do find really good candidates from premier Institutes. So the major challenge is in terms of Analytical ability, out of the box thinking capability and, also unawareness about the tools and technologies.
  2. How do you think these can be Overcome?
    Colleges and Universities should give exposure to students and, give them understanding about corporate world. These will definitely be an advantage for an individual when interviewed. Analytics will boom in next 20-25 yrs along with IOT so individuals need to be well versed with tools and technologies too.

  3. Do you provide Internship Opportunities?
    Yes we do, majorly for 4th yr Engineering students. The duration is generally for 3-6 months. We also provide with PPO’s based on the performance of the students.
  4. Do you hire people from Management background?
    Not exactly. We hire for roles which are more Technical, so we hire Engineers who are technically sound.
  5. What are the roles that you hire for?
    For product team we take Data Scientists, for service team we take Data Analysts. We hire both Freshers and Laterals where more of the recruitment will be through lateral hiring (Experienced). Freshers would be once in a year through campus.
  6. What are the major Skill sets for these roles?
    For Data Analysts its SQL and Python for Data Scientists.
  7. Any interesting projects that is happening in your Company?
    We are working with top 50 Telecom industry clients across globe on different projects. Currently we are working on Projects with clients from different parts of the world into Analytics. We are also looking for Data Analysts with good telecom knowledge to join us in this project.

We recently launched CrunchMetrics, an advanced anomaly detection system designed to help organizations discover business opportunities and mitigate risks in real-time. It is a division of Subex Digital LLP, a wholly owned subsidiary of Subex Limited. It leverages the combined power of statistics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to identify anomalies that are a representation of business impact. Crunch Metrics has a wide range of use cases for Telecom, Retail and FinTech verticals at launch.