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From B.Tech in Chemical Engineering to Fulfilling the Dream of Becoming a Full Stack Developer

From B.Tech in Chemical Engineering to Fulfilling the Dream of Becoming a Full Stack Developer

By - Karthik Reddy, Board Infinity Alumni

My Early Career Background

My high school years were spent in Hyderabad but I'm originally from Telangana. I went to a rural school that required us to walk 3 km to get to school every day. After finishing school, I scored 190 in my JEE exam and got admitted to NIT Durgapur in West Bengal for a B.Tech degree in Chemical Engineering.

Despite the cultural shock of being a South Indian studying in a college in West Bengal with a completely different culture, I enjoyed college life! There was a language barrier, and food culture differences, but we finally got a South Indian mess controller. As a college student, I've thoroughly enjoyed myself. If only we could all turn back the clock to our college days!

When I first attended college, I was a studious student, but the chemical engineering program had made me realize that my interest was more in software engineering. Creating websites was something I was deeply interested in. My friend was the inspiration for this career change around that time. Through online platforms, he was able to learn Python and get a job at HSBC. My inspiration from him led me to look for online courses on web development that I could take. That's when I came across Board Infinity and enrolled in the Full Stack Development Course.

Learning Experience at Board Infinity

I have had a very positive experience with Board Infinity. With Board Infinity, instructors made the course simple and straightforward to understand. Here, I was able to learn HTML and JavaScript in a clear and concise manner. Attending personalized classes and working on projects and continuous assessments through quizzes and assignments helped me grow a lot. Working on projects helped me improve my skills and learn better.

My Placement Journey

The course was well-structured and  I got a placement through the college placement cell at Piramal Foundation in Hyderabad but unfortunately, it got canceled due to the lockdown in 2020.  After which, I applied for Heterolabs in Hyderabad and got the job as the production engineer there but I had to let go of it in 2-3 weeks because of the health problems I was facing due to continuous exposure to chemicals.

In January, I applied for the Ethical Hacking role in Tech Mahindra as their Technical Support to support my course at Board Infinity. I have learned a lot here and I am confident about my placements.

I am looking forward to cracking Amazon interviews for the Full-Stack Developer role.

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