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From Physics to Full-Stack Development: A Story About Finding My True Passion

From Physics to Full-Stack Development: A Story About Finding My True Passion

By - Rahit Mondal, Board Infinity Alumni

1. Personal & Professional Journey

In my family, I am the only child and I grew up in West Bengal. My father is a government employee and my mother is a housewife. I did my schooling in West Bengal and post that I took up science. I then decided to take up Physics honours. With respect to studies, I am inclined towards science. I like to solve puzzles and mathematics. I am also a big fan of sports and playing outdoor games.

During my Physics honours, we had a subject of computer science. Apart from Physics, I realised that I really love coding. It then struck me that I should pursue coding. I practised little by little every day and knew that this field is meant for me.

My biggest setback was during my graduation years. What I wanted to do, I was unable to do it. I knew I wanted to do Physics and then do my master's but that did not work out. As a fallback, I wanted to divert my career towards a government job but that failed too. Eventually, I am glad that things did not materialize as that was what led me to software development.

2. Learning at Board Infinity

In time, I realized how important networking is in this field. I then decided to join Board Infinity and do a Full-Stack Development Course. The course is structured and guided. I studied everything that was in the syllabus. The problem with me was that I used to study everything. However, after joining I had more structure in terms of what I should actually learn.

At Board Infinity, everything was structured. A lot was taught and the onus was on the learner as well to study and work hard. They provide a lot of resources such as assignments and interview preparation which was very helpful for me. In addition to that, there were several hackathons that helped me become better. They hosted guest lectures between modules where I learnt a lot and got some great advice regarding my career. Earlier, I used to apply to several places using job portals such as Indeed but rarely got any response. That changed as we were provided with several opportunities to get a job.

3. Placement Process

Coming to placements, there were four rounds. The first round was about data structures and aptitude. The second round consisted of assignments. Post that, there were some technical interviews. Finally, it closed with an HR round and I landed the job at Namaste Credit. My role is that of a node.js developer and I am really enjoying it here.

From being stuck on the wrong career path to finally finding my passion in full-stack development, my journey has been one roller-coaster ride.

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