How to ace an interview that's not going too well

How to Ace an Interview that's not going too well

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How about you’re sitting in an important interview and you find out that you’re being avoided, or that the interviewer isn’t interested in you? The signs are obvious. He isn’t talking enthusiastically, his body language says he wants you out, he keeps checking the time. In this case, you know he wants to finish the interview quickly and you don’t stand much of a chance. What should you do in this situation? Get up and walk out? Absolutely not! Let’s see how to ace an interview that’s not going too well.

1. Step up your Game

The interviewer may seem distracted, or maybe going through the interview process robotically; in the sense, asking questions and not followed up with another question to your response. He may appear to be disinterested. In such cases, where the behaviour of the interviewer is obvious, you may need to step up your game. Change your conversation topic, steer it away from what was being discussed. Start off on a fresh note, and perhaps talk about something you found interesting (pertaining to the job), ask them questions about themselves or talk about some other work experience. Try to keep them engaged.

2. Win them Over

Now, if the interviewer is keen on hiring you, they will try to sell you the job opening. Their enthusiasm will show and they will want you to be positive about the job. They might even shower praises about the company, work culture, employee benefits, etc. If they’re not doing any of this and not asking you any questions about your expectations, there’s something fishy. Either they already liked some other candidate or they’re not very impressed with you. You need to win them over. A change in approach might help. You need to talk about your passion for the job you’ve applied for and how much it means to you. You need to sell your skills once again subtly, and make sure your aspirations are put forth convincingly.

3. Crack a Joke

Sometimes interviewers may be rude or hostile from the start itself. As in, either they will try to cut you off or they will not know how to take it forward. In this case where the conversation flow is not smooth, you need to establish a connection with them. Try to crack a joke as an icebreaker, or talk about something common to ease the tension in between. Try to laugh it off and never make it awkward. But always be prepared for the perfect storm. If the interviewer is being too rude, you may excuse yourself out.

4. Follow Up

The interviewer may not mention the next steps nor give you any indication of things moving positively. You may have to prompt them to talk. In this case, thank them profusely for their time and try asking them about what’s to be expected next. Be polite, and tell them how eager you are about knowing the results. After you come home, don’t forget to follow up with a thank-you email, which will also help you form a good impression. This might get you back into the game.

Every cloud has a silver lining and you will find success later, if not at first. Stay positive and work on the feedback given by the interviewer and crush all future interviews!

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