5 Grooming and Etiquette Guidelines for a Zoom Interview

5 Grooming and Etiquette Guidelines for a Zoom Interview

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Zoom interview has become an integral part among the working professionals as we are obligated to work from home due to the pandemic. The interpersonal skills required in an office environment has shifted to a virtual medium. You might also have experienced how zoom call interviews have changed perceptions and the culture of our profession. You once would dress accordingly for an office environment and now you are asked to work from the comfort of your home.

To draw the best out of your meeting and to maintain your professionalism, here are a few zoom interviews tips and interview etiquette's for you to consider, so as to keep your personal brand of charisma.

Dress for the meeting

It takes less than 7 seconds to make an impression of yourself regarding your competence, confidence and warmth. Talking face to face gives you added advantage like shaking hands and presenting yourself verbally and non-verbally.

However, when on a video conference your visual presence sets that first impression on the screen.

Avoid weaving patterned shirts or T-shirts with too much graphic. Instead wear a simple attire that does not throw the other person into a visual confusion.

Also note that your background must not be cluttered like your last night's dinner laying on the table or an open wardrobe since no one wants to see that in a meeting.

Guidelines for a Zoom Interview
Grooming and Etiquette Guidelines for Zoom Interview

Mute the mic when necessary

When you are attending the meeting and actively listening, it is advisable to mute your microphone to negate the ambient noise. It can be distracting and disrupt the attention of the attendees during the video chat.

Imagine how embarrassing it would be when your boss is speaking and he hears someone coughing or hear the sound of someone sipping a hot cup of tea/coffee.

All video conference tools have an option to mute and unmute the mic. Also remember to unmute when you are speaking, it gives the impression that you are not attentive.

Be on time ALWAYS

Arriving at 10 am for a 10 am meeting is a sign of you being late and laid back. Be present and ready for the interview 15 minutes prior. Those 15 mins will save you if you were to have any audio or video issues. It's best to be safe than sorry.

Speak to the camera and not the screen

We often look at the person on the screen during a video call but when talking while looking at the camera gives a positive impression.

It may sound irrelevant but it does make a huge difference. Practice speaking to the camera and not the lens since this gives the feeling that you are talking to the attendees directly.

Refrain from multi-tasking

Avoid multitasking during the meeting and give your full attention. It's important that you show interest in what's being discussed. Imagine being in a discussion and you are asked for your inputs and you look like you are busy with something. This sets a negative impression and makes you look like you are not interested. Worst case scenario is when you are not aware of what was being said and they would have to repeat it all over again.

Abide by these simple rules and your meetings will be more fruitful and impact. Ingrain them into your mind and experience the magic happen.

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