5 Common Resume Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

5 Common Resume Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

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For any student, fresh out of college, the biggest and the most daunting challenge is to get the job of their dreams. This is why they tend to look up various tips on ‘How to create a good Resume’.

However, what they do not know is that just like them, lakhs of other aspiring job applicants have looked up from the same websites. Due to this, all resumes end up looking the same, with almost the exact same information.

Therefore, here are a few resume mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

  1. Avoid Cliché Phrases

There are a few clichéd phrases that almost all fresh resumes have. The presence of such clichés causes the recruiters to instantly lose interest in you.

Examples of clichés:

  • Strong Communication and Organizational Skills
  • Leadership and Motivational Skills
  • Team Player
  • Exceeding Expectations

2. Typos

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Another mistake that many make is of leaving typos and other grammatical mistakes in their resume. This mostly happens when a resume is made in haste and submitted without having proofread it.

However, 75% of recruiters instantly reject a resume due to the presence of only one or two typos/grammatical errors!

This is why proofreading is very important. Make sure you make a third person read your resume once.

3. Avoid False Information

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There are many cases where people enter false information in their resume just to fill it up with data. Such information can, however, cause you loads of trouble in the future.

According to surveys, about 70% of the time, fraudulent information is caught by the recruiters.

The areas where people usually lie include degrees, experience, references and salary claims.

4. Un-tailored Resume

Most fresh job candidates have the unsavory habit of sending a single resume to all types of jobs. This is a very looked-down-upon habit that can instantly disqualify you for the job.

The reason behind this is that around 78% of recruiters pay more attention to the resumes which have been specifically tailored according to the intended job profile.

5. Lack of Keywords

There are software systems available nowadays, used by many companies, where recruiters place your resume directly into a database. From there, the resume is searched for specific keywords related to the job.

This means, less keywords equals less chances of being recruited!

Therefore, make sure to add job specific keywords wherever relevant. Here are 50 keywords you can use while writing your resume

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