4 Places for Professional Feedback On Your Resume

4 Places for Professional Feedback On Your Resume

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Blog | Board Infinity

Often, we are left wondering if the resume we have put together is good enough. It won’t hurt to get a second pair of eyes, vet your resume and give you good resume feedback, will it?

But, you need to be wary of whom you turn to, for the same. Family and friends may not be the perfect choice for scanning and giving resume feedback. There are other sources.

Here’s a list of a few avenues where you can expect expert level feedback on your resumes.

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1. Career Guidance Centers

Yes, while this is an avenue people only think of when they want to get advice and direction with respect to careers, it is also a place where resume experts work in tandem with career experts.

You could get personalized feedback and tailored rectifications as per your resume and field of expertise. For instance, we at Board Infinity provide all students and job seekers with Resume Review Sessions.

2. Professional Resume Writers

Resume writers do it for a living, so you can trust them with being abreast of the latest new trends and exactly understanding what a hiring manager will look for in a resume.

Be careful and check the authenticity of the writer by checking his credentials, or having a chat with him about your expectations. A lot of online sites give off free resume feedback too.

3. Online Chat Forums

There are a huge number of forums that now have become the hub for discussions, recruitment, sharing job opportunities, selling products and whatnot. Why should resume feedback fall behind?

There are forums like Reddit and Quora which get experts to the platform to answer all your queries. You can try following a conversation thread that is relevant to you or you can post your doubts there. There are groups that are dedicated to reviewing resumes.

4. Anyone HR

This is a long shot but worth giving a try. You can use your professional connections on LinkedIn, or friends on Facebook to find if there’s a person working in Human Resources in your circle.

You can also reach out to your old boss or colleagues to get you in touch. They might give you some honest and direct feedback which will work better, coming firsthand from the selectors themselves. Even when you get rejection emails from an organization’s HR, you can be polite about it and instead turn the situation in your favor by asking if they can give you any feedback on your resume.

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