Digital Marketing is governed by data. The correct use of data can help you develop amazing digital marketing strategies. On the other hand, without any knowledge of using data, you can never carry out any digital marketing campaigns successfully.

There are several advantages of big data. Big data allows you to understand your target customers. It helps you analyze your customer demographics so that you can tailor your products and services according to them.

These are some of the major roles of Big Data in Digital Marketing:

1. Helping you find the Right Keywords

Keywords play a major role in digital marketing and gaining a high search rank. Big data analysis in marketing allows you to understand what keywords are being widely searched by users around the world.

2. Selecting the Right Marketing Channel

There are tons of social media platforms available and with the help of Big Data, you can realize which channel is best for your business and market your content on it. This saves you a lot of time, money, and resources.

3. Creating Better Marketing Strategies

Big data allows you to understand the success or failure rate of your previous marketing strategies so that you can develop better strategies in the future.

4. Helps you Understand Customer Behavior

With the help of big data analytics, you can understand customer behavior, what type of media they are interested in, which content they engage in, and so on. This helps you strengthen your digital marketing strategies.

Another important role of big data in digital marketing is that it keeps you updated on new trends. It allows you to adapt to changes and come up with winner strategies in no time.


Big Data plays a huge role in digital marketing. If you want to pursue a career in Digital marketing you should at least have a basic knowledge of Big Data.

Companies prefer to hire candidates with this knowledge for digital marketing professionals as they are more capable and knowledgeable.

According to, there are around 4000-5000 job openings in the field of Digital Marketing in Mumbai and Pune. The average annual salary of an entry-level professional is between Rs 14,000 to Rs 4,00,000, depending on the position.

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