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Tools every Digital Marketer needs to learn before it is 2022

Tools every Digital Marketer needs to learn before it is 2022

Digital Marketing is one such field where you have to learn to be the Jack of all trades. The ever-evolving industry requires that you gain expertise and stay up-to-date with the trends. Why are learning tools important, then? Because, learning the various digital marketing tools will make your job easier as a digital marketer and help you in content creation, content management, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SMM (Social Media Marketing), and Email Marketing, etc. The knowledge of tools will help you increase the efficiency of the campaigns you will run. Let’s look at a few important tools that can easily be learned before the new year begins!

1. Social Media Management

Social media content needs to be created and scheduled on a timely basis. On failure of this, the campaign plan can go haywire and can cost the client a fortune if the campaign is a paid one. There are tools like Hootsuite and Buffer which are social media management tools. It helps you plan, optimize, and post the content--all in one platform itself. You can even track multiple campaigns from a single window, on multiple social networks. There is the Facebook Ads tool as well which can be accessed from the Ad Manager tool on Facebook. It helps you in creating and running different formats of ads on FB and Instagram, as per the budget given by the client, for a particular duration. It helps you optimize the campaign for the objective you’ve chosen. It also comes with impressive analytics to study the performance of campaigns later on.

2. Analytics

For being successful in this field, one ought to know how to analyze, track and optimize campaigns and derive learnings from them. One best too to do all this and more, l is Google Analytics (GA). An article by Marketing Land estimated that at least 30-50 million websites use GA. It gives an in-depth report about your users, or visitors of your website--where they come from, which webpage is working the best for you, what time are your users most active, etc. It’s a superpower if you master it.

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3. Graphic Design

A little bit of designing knowledge would be like an added cherry on top. Design is transforming user statistics. As per a survey by Business 2 Community, the majority of the respondents said that 80% of businesses will heavily incorporate visual marketing content into their content strategy, this year and next. Canva is one such tool that will help you create beautiful and meaningful designs across various templates like presentations, SM posts, posters, etc. You can make a creative from scratch or use stock photos from free stock photo tools like Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, etc. to make ready posts. It is the next best tool to Adobe Photoshop and a perfect quick-fix for non-graphic designers.

4. Keyword Research

This forms the base of any and every SEO activity and hence it’s very important you know how to do basic keyword research. The tools you can opt for are Google’s Keyword Planner or While the former lets you find all keywords basis competition and ranking on the search engine, the latter covers various platforms like YouTube, Amazon, Bing, etc. Both tools are free and you can always do a search on both tools and choose the best set to go with. Another effective tool that gives you related keywords to your main search topic, is Google Trends.

Now that you know most of the important tools needed to be a successful digital marketer, why not get started? You can learn all these for free on the respective platforms. Go, explore!