Web Developer Job Interview Questions And Answers

Top 6 Web Developer Job Interview Questions And Answers

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Web development has a very high potential for growth. And the web developer job
the profile is an important one in these times of technological advancement. Most of the organizations around the globe look to hire the best web developers to handle their front and back-end development. A good web developer should be an expert in various languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Appearing for interviews is intimidating as is, and having technical expertise and attending a technical interview is even tougher. Below is a list of interview questions for a web developer that will help you prepare for the interview with confidence!

1. How would you troubleshoot a Problem?

The actual way of troubleshooting is gathering the right information at the start of the problem itself before taking any action on it. If not done properly, it causes a series of delays in the whole project later on. Imagine your telephone bill call goes over to the tariffs department, and the guys there just give up on this and take time to route you to the correct department, wouldn’t it be frustrating? So, figuring the problem thoroughly is the solution here.

2. What’s your take on QA?

Quality Analysis is important but often overlooked even by the top quality web
development professionals. Are you responsible for handling it from start to finish, or do you outsource it to the QA department and they wring it thoroughly? You should stress how much QA is important to any project taken up. It’s vital for accurate development and often projects are rushed for delivery without delivering a 100% perfect job to meet deadline pressures. The loopholes are often left to be patched later on.

3. Are you open to learning another language?

It may so happen that you’re an expert in language X but currently, the organization
that’s interviewing you works on language Y. In that case, it asks if you can upgrade or learn in order to enable seamless development. In this field, the need to be upgraded with skills time and again is essential, so that you keep progressing. A programming language that was cutting edge maybe a year back wouldn’t be so in about six months. Such is progress. If the company is offering you to pay for the upgrade, you should definitely think of giving it a chance.

4. How would you reduce page loading time?

The technical questions don’t fall far behind. Every web project you develop needs to have a minimal loading time to maintain a low bounce rate. You can cut down the image sizes, remove all the unnecessary widgets and icons or animations, compress the HTTP requests, optimize the cache files, remove all page redirects, run compression audits from time to time, reduce lookups, choose a good hosting server and evaluate plugins.

5. What is CORS?

Cross-Origin-Resource-Sharing is a standard that allows access to different web
resources (like fonts, JavaScripts, Images, etc) on different domains. This mechanism allows the various web scripts to interact with content that is foreign to the original domain, in turn enabling better integration of web services.

6. Which languages are you proficient in?

For being an expert web developer, you need to have knowledge of this web
technologies for sure: CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript. Of course, apart from these, you should be comfortable with having basic knowledge of the working of other technologies like API management, databases, WordPress, SEO, Website responsive design, and other popular frameworks.

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