How Many Pages Should An Ideal Resume Be?

How Many Pages Should An Ideal Resume Be?

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A resume summarizes your entire work and education history and helps you secure a job. This is why it is a very important part of your professional life and you can not compromise it for anything else.

Most people believe that resumes are supposed to be one page long. However, is this really true? What if your skills and information do not fit in a single-page resume? Will you just leave it out? How many pages should a resume be?

You cannot skip out on important information for the sake of keeping a resume one page long. Even though the key to a good resume is including information in a concise and precise manner, it does not mean that your resume cannot exceed the one-page limit.

In fact, studies show that recruiters often prefer a 2 page long resume over a single page resume.

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Different situations call for different length resumes.

1. One Page Resume

More than most freshers and newbies who are new graduates or at entry-level, have a single page resume. This is not by choice, however, as during this time you do not have many accomplishments and experiences to add to your resume.

People who are looking for a shift in career and whose past experience is not relevant to the new field may also have a one-page resume.

2. Two-Page Resume

Many freshers who have achieved a feat in their field of expertise may have more than a one-page resume.

When you need to list all the relevant skills related to the job you are applying for, you cannot end it on a single page. You can extend your resume to 2 pages in such cases.

People who have more than 10 years of experience in the field need to state all their achievements and job experiences in their resumes. This leads to a 2 page long resume that covers all the important information.

One thing to note while creating a 2 page long resume is that the most important information should always be included on the first page of the resume. The lesser significant details may be added on the next page.

Creating a resume that is more than 2 pages long is not advisable, however. This is because 17% of recruiters will immediately lose interest when looking at a resume that is more than 2 pages long.

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