Mastering SEO: Techniques, Strategies, and Career Path

What is Search Engine Optimization & How It Works

What is Search Engine Optimization & How It Works

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation stands for optimizing one’s content in such a way that it appears organically on top of any search engine’s search results. SEO goes much deeper than that. There are three entities here: you, search engine, and the keyword. Suppose someone searches the term, ‘Biryani’ (keyword), your recipe for biryani should show up on the first page of the search engine. It involves analyzing and understanding what people tend to search online (related to your niche), what answers are they looking for on the search engine, and what are those specific keywords they’re using to achieve the desired results.

Why should businesses care about SEO? Because on a daily basis, many people search for gazillion things, which means there is a large volume of high-intent traffic, meaning people searching with a purpose. It’s better to advertise your product or talk about your product to the person who has the intent of purchasing it because that will yield higher conversion rates. Google uses a very high-end algorithm to rank the websites basis the quality of content, site loading speed, traffic, and various other factors. This also means if you aren’t in the top 5 results, you’re not doing something right. Keywords are the first important step in SEO. They determine what you’re optimizing the content for, in the first place. But determining them is anything but simple. There are a few factors that are taken into account like:

Search Volume

The number of people searching for that given keyword is called the search volume. The more people searching, the more audience we will reach.


There are terms that are searched vigorously, but they aren’t related to the terms
you’re in need of. Imagine being shown clothes when you’re searching for cars. Hence relevancy is very important.


In SEO, the competition is other website rankings. You’ll need to analyze and
understand the other companies’ strategy before making yours.

Why is SEO Important?

Search engines contribute to the majority amount of online traffic than social media, paid ads, and google ads. SEO is a long-term effort and a sustained one. It’s the only digital marketing tool that gives returns over a lifetime. If the content you provide is perfect and right, the traffic to your website will increase and will snowball with more and more time. SEO also helps in making the navigation of the site easier for the search engines as well the users.

Here's a little bonus video for you! Watch it to get some additional points on SEO.